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100% Completion Guide – Chapter 5

AIRSHIP CELSIUS: + 2.0% – TOTAL: 77.6%

  1. Watch “Crimson Report 5” at Shinra’s station.
  2. Speak to Buddy on the Bridge.
  3. Rest in the Cabin to be awakened by Brother’s rambling.
  4. Speak to Buddy in the Engine Room.

ZANARKAND RUINS: + 0.8% – TOTAL: 78.4%

  1. Episode Complete!
  2. Speak to Maechen and agree to listen about Vegnagun.

BESAID ISLAND: + 1.8% – TOTAL: 80.2%

  1. Episode Complete!

KILIKA ISLAND: + 1.0% – TOTAL: 81.2%

  1. Episode Complete!

LUCA: + 0.6% – TOTAL: 81.8%

  1. Mission Complete! (Foloow the moogle to relive memories of FINAL FANTASY X) Episode Complete!

MI’IHEN HIGHROAD: + 0.2% – TOTAL: 82.0%

  1. Episode Complete!


  1. Mission Complete!(Fight with the Youth League warriors and defeat Lucil)Episode Complete!
    Go to the observation deck at Youth League Headquarters, and speak to Lucil to receive “Nooj’s Sphere.”
  2. Board the airship and watch the Treasure Sphere movie, “Deathseeker” at Shinra’s station.
  3. Obtain all the Crimson Spheres and open the sealed door in the Den of Woe. Defeat Rikku, Paine, Baralai, Gippal, and Nooj. Episode Complete!

DJOSE TEMPLE: + 0.8% – TOTAL: 85.8%

  1. Defeat the Experiment boss when its Attack, Defense, and Special levels are below level 5.
  2. Repair the Experiment with the repair manual key items. Defeat the Experiment boss a second time when all levels are level 5. Episode Complete!

MOONFLOW: + 0.4% – TOTAL: 86.2%

  1. Episode Complete!

GUADOSALAM: + 1.2% – TOTAL: 87.4%

  1. Join the musical group in the central square. Episode Complete!
  2. Return to Guadosalam and speak to Tromell outside the locked door. Enter the locked area and obtain Baralai’s Sphere, then board the Celsuis and watch the Yevon’s Secret sphere at Shinra’s station.

THUNDER PLAINS: + 1.0% – TOTAL: 88.4%

  1. Mission Complete!(Defeat the fiends attacking the towers)
  2. Enter the secret cave and rescue Cid. Deafeat the Machina Panzer boss. Episode Complete!
  3. Onboard the airshop, speak with Cid on the outside Deck.
  4. Return to the Bridge to view Cid’s tirade.

MACALANIA WOODS: + 0.6% – TOTAL: 89.0%

  1. View the scenes at the two springs. Episode Complete!
  2. Trigger the scene with O’aka and Wantz near the Travel Agency. Episode Complete!

BIKANEL DESERT: + 1.2% – TOTAL: 90.2%

  1. Mission Complete! (Locate the first of nine Gatekeepers and return them to the Cacuar Nation at Bikanel)
  2. Mission Complete! (Enter the Cactuar Hollow and defeat Jumbo Cactuar)
  3. Mission Complete! (Defeat Angra Mainyu) Episode Complete!
  4. Return to the Cactuar Nation and speak with Benzo.

BEVELLE: + 1.8% – TOTAL: 92.0%

  1. Episode Complete!
  2. Inside Via Infinito, the hidden dungeon at Bevelle, obtain Crimson Sphere 6 at Cloister 0. Defeat Aranea and obtain Crimson Sphere 8 at Cloister 20.
  3. Board the Celsius and view Crimson Report 6 and Crimson Report 8 at Shinra’s station.
  4. Defeat Trema in Cloister ?. Episode Complete

CALM LANDS: + 0.4% – TOTAL: 92.4%

  1. Raise the publicity level of either company to level 5 before entering the Calm Lands. Episode Complete!
  2. Dispatch three chocobos of each level without any of them running away to reveal the Chocobo Ranch’s secret dungeon.
  3. Complete the dungeon and defeat the Anything Eater. Episode Complete!

MT. GAGAZET: + 1.2% – TOTAL: 93.6%

  1. Episode Complete!!

AIRSHIP CELSIUS: + 0.6% – TOTAL: 94.2%

  1. After getting Episode Complete in every location, YRP is presented with the Gullwings’ prized Mascot dressphere.
  2. Talk to brother and decide where you want to go to jump into the Farplane(any location is fine)

FARPLANE: + 0.8% – TOTAL: 95.0%

  1. Advance to the Farplane Abyss to find Leblanc waiting with Nooj.

AIRSHIP CELSIUS: + 2.4% – TOTAL: 96.0%

  1. After entering the Farplane, board the Celsius and view the consecutive family events:
    1. Speak to Shinra on the Bridge, overhear Buddy and Brother on the Deck.
    2. View the conformation with Cid at the Cabin area.
    3. Return from the Farplane a second time and speak with Rikku on the Deck.

FARPLANE: + 4.0% – TOTAL: 100.0%

  1. Defeat Vegnagun.
  2. Defeat Final Boss.

Activate the Perfect Ending

During the scene at the Farplane Abyss, press the :x: button to hear a whistling. Answer the fayth “Yes!” to view the Perfect Ending.