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FF6 Relics

Name Price Description
Amulet 5000 Defends against Dark, Poison, & Zombie.
Atlas Armlet 5000 Raises strength of physical attacks.
Back Guard 7000 Prevents “Back Attack” & “Pincer Attack”.
Barrier Ring 500 Casts Shell when HP reaches critical.
Beads 4000 Raises Evasion.
Black Belt 5000 Enables character to counter attack.
Blizzard Orb Makes umaro cast random ice-based magics.
Charm Bangle Random encounter rate -60%
Cherub Down 6300 Automatically casts Float in battle.
Coin Toss Setzer throws GP instead of Slots.
Crystal Orb Maximum HP +50%.
Cure Ring 8000 Automatically casts Regen.
Cursed Ring Wearer is inflicted with all abnormal statuses.
Czarina Ring 3000 Casts Safe & Shell when HP critical.
Dragon Horn Attack multiple times when Jump is activated.
Dragoon Boots 9000 Changes “Fight” command to “Jump”.
Earrings 5000 Raises magic power on level up.
Economizer Reduces all magic spells MP requirement to 1.
Experience Egg Doubles experience points earned after battle.
Fairy Ring 1500 Provides immunity to Dark & Poison status.
Fake Mustache changes “Sketch” command to “Control”.
Gale Hairpin 8000 Raises chances of preemptive strikes.
Gauntlet Weapons become two-handed. Lowers Defense.
Gem Box User can cast 2 magic spells consecutively.
Genji Glove User may equip two different weapons.
Goggles 500 Provides immunity to Dark status.
Gold Hairpin Magic MP cost -50%
Guard Ring 5000 Automatically casts Safe.
Hero Ring Raises power of “Fight” command & magic spells.
Hyper Wrist 8000 Significantly raises Vigor.
Jewel Ring 1000 Provides immunity to Petrify status.
Marvel Shoes Randomly casts Float, Regen, Safe, or Shell.
Memento Ring Protects Relm from fatal blows.
Merit Award Allows wearer to equip heavy armor.
Mithril Glove 700 Casts Safe when HP critical.
Moogle Charm Random encounter rate -100%.
Muscle Belt Maximum HP +50%.
Offering Allows user to attack 4x consecutively.
Peace Ring 3000 Provides immunity to Berserk & Muddle status.
Pod Bracelet Automatically casts Safe & Shell.
Rage Ring Raises umaro’s attack power.
Relic Ring Allows user to possess undead characteristics.
Ribbon Provides immunity to all status ailments.
Running Shoes 7000 Automatically casts Haste.
Safety Bit Protects against fatal magic spells.
Safety Ring Protects against fatal physical attacks.
Sneak Ring Raises success rate of Steal command.
Sniper Sight 3000 Ensures 100% accuracy.
Sprint Shoes 1500 Gives characters the ability to run on field.
Star Pendant 500 Provides immunity to Poison status.
Thief Glove changes “Steal” command to “Capture”.
Tintinabar Allows user to recover HP while walking.
True Knight 1000 User protects HP critical characters.
Wall Ring 600 Automatically casts Reflect.
White Cape 5000 Provides immunity to Imp & Mute status.
Zephyr Cape 7000 Significantly boosts Evasion.