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FF6 Items

Items are a very important part of the game, and become very useful tools in battle. Items can be used to restore lost HP or MP to increase character stats permanently or temporarily, to cause damage to opponents, and even to assist you in the plot. The items are divided into two main categories:

  • Regular items in the game are the items that you can use freely, when ever you want, these include defensive, offensive, field and Chocobo.
  • Defensive are the items that restore a character’s HP or MP, or increases their defensive stats temporarily.
  • Offensive items do damage to enemies in battle, by taking away your opponents health, magic, or temporarily causing status changes. They can also increase character attack stats temporarily.
  • Menu or Field items are items that are used in the story, or increase character stats permanently.
  • Chocobo items are those which assist you in catching them.
  • Key items are items that cannot be used freely like the regular items. They are usually items that you receive at key points of the game that trigger an event that allows you to venture further into the game. However some of the Key Items can be completely pointless, and are only there as memorabilia

Effect Values


Where the item can be found in the game. Includes where you can buy, steal, morph and win the certain item from.


What effect the item has on your character when used. Effects have different properties and can vary from offensive to defensive.