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Equipping Weapons

Armour is very important piece of equipment, which severely help you during the game. Most armour can be bought from the shops around the world, but the truly great and powerful pieces of armour must be found along the way. The main character of armour is the status changes it gives you, the more powerful the armour the better your stats are.

Though, some armour is specifically makes some stats stronger than others. Armour can also have hidden values, like some can block elemental attacks. Remember when you enter a new town; always check out the armour shop. See if the armour they have is better than what you have equipped, and if it is better BUY IT no matter how much it is.

Effect Values

Bat Pwr

The variation of Bat Power – The actual power of the weapon. This dictates the amount of damage your character does when equipped with the particular weapon.


A modification to the vitality statistic, Changes the HP of the equipped character.


This dictates the amount of time it takes your characters ATB bar to load so to take another action.


Effects how accurate you characters and how much damage is done to the enemy.

Mag Pwr

The variation of Magic Power – The actual power of your magic. This effects how mush damage is inflicted no the enemy when used.


Effects the amount of damage is taken by your character when attacked by the enemy.


The percentage of chance your character has of evading an enemy attack.


The percentage of chance you character has of blocking the damage inflicted by the enemy when attacked.