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FF6 Rare Items

Name Price Effect
Autograph Found An opera singer’s autograph (N/A in US Game)
Books Found Simple book on machinery…And “Book of Secrets”… (N/A in US Game)
Cider Found Cider, taken from a merchant.
Coral Found Piece of Coral, found in the cave near Ebot’s Rock.
Dull Picture Found Quite a common picture (N/A in US Game)
Eerie Stone Found A stone never seen (N/A in US Game)
Fish Found A yummy fish
Lola’s Letter Found Thanks for all those flowers! I’m worried about you…
Lump of Metal Found A heavy weight. Put it into a chest, and…
Magn. Glass Found A convex lens (N/A in US Game)
Manicure Found Pretty, red manicure (N/A in US Game)
Odd Picture Found A very curious picture (N/A in US Game)
Old Clock-Key Found An old clock-key, found on a soldier.
Opera Record Found Has a small scratch (N/A in US Game)
Pendant Found A pendant worn by the girl who pilots the MagiTek armor
Royal Letter Found At a star-shaped mountain-range…
Rust-Rid Found Rust solvent