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Cait Sith

  • Name

    Cait Sith

  • Special Skill

    Takes a lot of hits.

  • Height

    3′ 3″

  • Age

  • Acquired

    First met at Golden Saucer (disc 1)

  • Birthday


Although Cait Sith’s fortune telling skills may not impress you, his fighting sills are a sight to be witnessed. The team first bump into this joker while wondering around the Golden Saucer. Cait Sith eagerly joins the ground to see if his predictions come true.

Cait Sith isn’t much of a fighter, but his mog relies on close-physical attacks. His true power lays in his various Limit Breaks. You’ll notice he only has 2:Dice and Slots. Dice grows in power over time, and can prove useful even later in the game. Slots is actually seven separate different Limit Breaks. The out come depends on the combination created when all three slots are stoped. Although these limit Breaks can seem unpredictable, they can cause some serious damage even at lower levels Cait Sith’s stuffed body can take quite a bit of damage, so keep this hulk up front unless you decide to load him up with Materia.