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  • Name

    Cid Highwind

  • Special Skill

    Well rounded.

  • Height

    5′ 8″

  • Age


  • Acquired

    First met at Rocket Town (disc 1)

  • Birthday

    Febuary 22nd


Foul-mouthed but kind-hearted, Cid can pilot any machine known to man. He was a test pilot for Shinra’s rocket in the past, but had to abandon his dreams of flying into space when Shinra cut funding to the project.

Today, he is mayor of Rocket Town, where he can be always be found with his goggles, aviator jacket (with “High Wind” and “Air Master” patches), and several packs of cigarettes. Don’t let his agitating attitude put you off; Cid truly has a heart of gold. His long lances give him a decisive advantage in any melee.