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FFVII Chocobos – In the beginning

Chocobo breeding is a totally separate part of Final Fantasy, and to do it you need lots of Gil. Make sure you have these things:

  • The Highwind (In case your early on in the game)
  • About 300,000 Gil +
  • As many Stable sections at the Chocobo Farm as you can afford.
  • Some nuts to breed them with.
  • Some greens.
  • Chocobo Lure (High level preferable).
  • And a lot of time & Patience

Once you’ve got these things your ready to start your Chocobo Breeding. To rent out the stables go to the Chocobo Farm and go into the old cottage and ask the man, when he speaks to you, to look after your Chocobo’s for 10,000 Gil, then you’ll have a section of the stable where Chocobo Billy is. Keep doing this until you think you’ve got enough (Get Six anyway).

Chocobo imageChocobo image