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Area Notes

Purchase several stalls from Choco Bill (no less than three), and then begin hunting for a Chocobo. As you probably know by now, Chocobo’s can be found anywhere there are Chocobo tracks on the landscape. What you may not know is each track yields Chocobo’s of different qualities. To breed the best you need to find the best here is a list of different areas and the type of Chocobo’s you can find in each.

Areas and Classes

Area Classes
Chocobo Ranch Area Poor, weak
Junon Area Fair, poor
Gold Saucer Area Good, average
Rocket Town Area Mediore
Wutia Area Average, fair
Icicle In Area Wonderful, weak
Mideel Area Great, fair

Chocobo imageChocobo image

About Chocobo Classes

You can capture Chocobo’s four at a time, but then you’ll need to return to the Chocobo ranch and choose who the keepers are. Choco Billy will always give you a recommendation. Use the list below to help you determine what type of Chocobo you have by interpreting Choco Billys comments.

Choco Billy’s Recommendations

Chocobo Types Choco Billy’s Assessment
Wonderful This……is a wonderful Chocobo!
Great This is a great Chocobo
Good Mmm, this seems like a good Chocobo
Fair Mmm, this ones not bad
Average This is a pretty average Chocobo
Mediocre This Chocobo’s so-so
Mediocre This one doesn’t seem to be very good
Weak I really can’t recommend this one

Rasing Chocobo’s Stats

Once you have a selection of quality Chocobo’s, you will want to feed and train them. Chocobo’s eat greens that can be found in the wild or purchased from Chocobo Billy and the Chocobo Sage. Greens raise one or several of a Chocobo’s stats. These Stats include…

Attribute Description
Speed Makes a Chcobo run faster
Intelligence Chocobo paces it’s self better
Stamina Can put Chocobo harder for longer
Attitude Chocobo behaves better

Chocobo image

Greens Attributes

Higher quality greens provide more of a increase than cheaper greens, But they cost more. You can expect to feed some Chocobo’s as much as 500,000 Gil worth of greens. Check out the various greens and what they do.

Greens List

Green Price +Speed +Intellect +Stamina
Gyshal 100 No No Yes
Krakka 250 No Yes No
Tantal 400 Yes Yes Yes
Pahsana 800 No Yes No
Curiel 1000 Yes No Yes
Mimett 1500 Yes No Yes

Greens And Racing

If you feed a Chocobo a greens the it fails to raise that statistic, You’ve maxed that particular greens effects. You can also use a green to make a Chocobo stay around in battles for longer. The better the green the longer it catches the Chocobo’s attention.

Chocobo’s also eat nuts, but only when they are breeding. You should never need to purchase a nut. It is mainly because the only nuts you should ever need are the Zeio Nut and the Carbo Nut, bothof which are used to breed special Chocobo’s, but neither of which can be purchased.

After maxing out your Chocobo’s stats, you should race them before trying to breed them. Racing Chocobo and raising their classes helps to make sure that Chocobo’s off-spring will be champion material. Two S class Chocobo’s will have a far better chance of breeding a special Chocobo than two C class Chocobo’s.

Once you have a male and a female Chocobo that has been properly trained, you are ready to create a special Chocobo.

About Breeding

At a one time, there were two extinct types of Chocobo roaming the planet: The Mountain-Chocobo and the River-Chocobo. The Mountain-Chocobo was a green tinted bird with the ability to cross-mountains. The River-Chocobo was a blue bird that could cross any shallow body of water. Remember that there are some parts of the planet that cannot be reached by conventional means. On the other hand, the right type of Chocobo can cross anything. These would sure come in handy, But no one seems to know how these two are bred.

Chocobo Sage

There is a guy named Chocobo sage, whom no one has seen in years. It was thought that he either moved away to some far away land, or just disappeared. However it is known that he lives on the northern continent deep within the mountain ranges. You can ask him for some Regen greens but you’ll need an airship to reach has cabin. You can also ask him about breeding Mountain and River-Chocobo. He may even be able to tell you about the black Chocobo. Make sure you revisit him from time to time. When you find him, let Choco Billy’s daughter, Chole, know and she will keep track of any information that he may give you.

Chocobo imageChocobo image

Breeding Blue and Green Chocobo

To get mountain-Chocobo (Green), or River-Chocobo (Blue) you need to mate a great or a good Chocobo, using a Carob nut. You can’t buy the Carob nut from a shop; instead you need to steal if from the ferocious Vlakorados that roams the wood near bone village. You can also increase your chances of breeding a special Chocobo if the Parents are both S class racers.

Breeding Black Chocobo

The Mountain-and-River (black) Chocobo is created when mountain-Chocobo (Green), and River-Chocobo (Blue) mate using a carob nut. Again it’s not absolute, but you can increase your chances of getting a black Chocobo by training the mother and father hard.

Breeding Gold Chocobo

Once you have the black Chocobo you can attempt to breed the ultimate Chocobo. These gold Chocobo’s can go absolutely anywhere. Te can even reach that island to the island to the northeast of the Chocobo ranch. Have the black Chocobo mate with a wonderful Chocobo and feed them a Zeio Nut. These nuts are the rarest of all the nuts. They can only be found on the small island to the north of the Chocobo Ranch. Note, however, that there are creatures in the woods known as goblins. You should be able to steal the Zeio Nut from them during battle.

Chocobo imageChocobo image