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Chapter 3: Lost Friends

Quest Giver: Betty
Reward: 1x A Maiden’s Kiss potion

Betty is missing her three cat friends that you’ll need to find around the Sector 7 slums, giving a hint for their location with every cat your bring back. When you’re near one, you’ll hear a meow sound and Tifa will comment about hearing a cat nearby. Press :triangle: when next to a cat and they’ll scurry off but don’t chase them. You only need to find each cat once to complete this quest.

Cat Location #1

After talking to Betty, it’s time to find the first cat! Head towards the item shop but take the lower level path. You’ll find an Undercity Resident who tells you about cats that have snuck through the nearby metal tunnel. Head into the tunnel and interact with the cat.

Betty’s Hint: I see a lot of cats hanging out near the Beginner’s Hall, too. You know the place. It’s the one with all the houses around it.


Cat Location #2

Head to the Station (east side) and you’ll find the cat near the north side of the road, at the fork. Tifa will comment about hearing a cat nearby when you’re near. Like the previous cat, it’ll run away after interacting with it.

Betty’s Hint: They love crowded places, like the road to the station. A lot of people stop to play with them there.

Cat Location #3

As you’d guess, the cat is at the Seventh Heaven bar, but can still be tricky to spot. You’ll find the cat on the porch, past the steps but before the door. Just like all the others, that cat runs off but with all 3 cats found, return to Betty with the “bad” news.

Betty’s Hint: They’ll also go wherever there’s free food. Marlene says she always gives them some snacks when they go to Seventh Heaven.