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Chapter 3: Nuisance in the Factory

Quest Giver: Junk Dealer
Reward: 500 Gil

The abandoned factory is overran with pesky Lesser Drakes and the Junk Dealer in the area behind Seventh Heaven (accessed through the metal tunnel) is requesting your help in taking them out. He’ll send you to go speak to watch member Narjin who opens the gate to the factory.

Navigating the Factory

Enter the factory’s first warehouse, destroy the crates along the north wall, then turn west and head west towards a chest with two antidotes inside. Follow the path north towards another set of crates and enter the second warehouse where you’ll fight four Gorgers.

Head north and turn left to find your first Lesser Drake fight. After you kill it, activate the switch to the right of the southern door to open the big door. There’s a chest with two sedatives inside.

Return to the south and take the west path. After fighting Gorgers inside the building, use the switch next to the big gray door to reach the Fire materia. Heal up on the bench and head to the last warehouse where you’ll fight two Lesser Drakes. Kill them to complete the quest.

Killing the Gorgers

  • Gorgers are weak against ice magic.
  • They do have ranged attacks.
  • When they climb on walls, use magic or special abilities to reach them.
  • Their Feast attack latches onto a character, preventing them from attacking and moving. Switch to the other characters to fight off the Gorger.

Killing the Lesser Drakes

  • Hitting them with magic or special abilities brings them towards the ground.
  • These fiends use strong wind abilities but are also weak against it.
  • Their Tornado move will incapacitate your character for a few moments.