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Recovery Items

Name Description Amt Ability Refines to
Potion Restores HP by 200 3 Med LV Up Potion+
Potion+ Restores HP by 400 3 Med LV Up Hi-Potion
Hi-Potion Restores HP by 1000 3 Med LV Up Hi-Potion+
Hi-Potion+ Restores HP by 2000 3 Med LV Up X-Potion
X-Potion Fully Restores HP 3 Med LV Up Mega-Potion
Mega-Potion Restores HP by 1000 to
all members
20 Forbid Med-RF Elixir
Phoenix Down Removes KO status 50 Med LV Up Mega Phoenix
Mega Phoenix Removes KO status from
all members
3 Tool-RF Phoenix Pinion
Elixir Fully restores abnormal
status and HP
10 GFAble Med-RF
Med LV Up
Doc’s Code Megalixir
Mega-Potion Fully restores abnormal
status and HP to all