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This can’t be good… Watch the events that take place. After, right off the bat, a boss battle begins!

Nova Dragon

Nova Dragon is probably a little stronger than you’re used to. He uses a lot of attacks that target the entire party, such as Tidal Wave and Aerial Slash. He does have a high amount of HP and he attacks quite frequently. Start off the battle by casting Reis’s Wind with Freya, Have Eiko cast Reflect on herself. Use Vivi’s Flare spell and target Eiko with it. This will cause it to bounce off of Eiko and hit Nova Dragon for double the normal damage! You can probably do 9,999 damage with this method. Once you have dealt enough damage, if you have Freya’s Dragon Hair lance she can cast Dragon’s Breath. This will deal 9,999 a turn, but at a hefty MP price.

Use White Wind if the party’s MP level is getting to low. Zidane should just steal and attack like he normally does. Freya can Jump, attack or recast Reis’s wind if needed. Just keep pounding Nova Dragon with high level spells and physical attacks until the battle ends.

After the battle, your party finds themselves in Memoria. Follow the long trail that leads up into the next area. When the ‘?’ appears press X, you will be able to return to the Invincible if you wish. Move up and examine the glowing orb, this is a save point. It allows you to Save, use a tent and select your party members. Save your game and then move to the right. Hug the right wall until Zidane disappears into a little crevice. Examine the area when the ‘!’ appears to get a weapon for Freya called Kain’s Lance. If she is in your party and you do not have the Dragon’s Hair, equip this to her now!

Proceed through the area, you will eventually reach a room with a pendulum swinging in the middle. Move through the area, the enemies in Memoria can be quite rough. Try to dispose of them as quickly as possible by hitting them with your strongest attacks. Once you are through with that area, you will find yourself in a new area with some sets of steps. You might want to equip you characters with the Body Temp support ability, one of the enemies in this area likes to Freeze your characters.

Move up the steps but before continuing on, search on the small platform by the right of it to find The Tower, a weapon for Zidane. Continue to the left, before moving on, make sure that all of your characters have the Body Temp ability equipped. As you attempt to follow the path, another boss battle begins.


Maliris can be kind of rough if you are unprepared. Make sure that your party has the Body Temp ability equipped, Maliris casts Mustard Bomb quite frequently and that skill inflicts the Heat status effect. Summon Madeen with Eiko and use Holy if she knows it. Have Vivi cast Blizzaga each turn to deal a large amount of damage. Freya can cast Reis’s Wind and use Dragon’s Breath. She can also just attack normally or Jump. Her Jump attack does more damage if she has the High Jump support ability equipped as well.

Maliris uses a variety of damaging attacks. It’s Fire based attack ‘Fire Slash’ can deal quite a bit of damage. It also performs regular physical attacks that deal a fair bit of damage. Once you have dealt enough damage, Maliris will cast Raining Sword as a final attack. It may deal around 900 damage to each member, but if they are low on HP it can do enough damage to KO them.

Once the battle is over, continue along the path and into the next area. Watch the recreation of the attack on Alexandria and then proceed onto the platform. Search when the ‘?’ appears to find an Angel’s Flute. Move to the right and press X to find a save point. Use a tent and save your game, then continue on moving to the right. Proceed through this area and watch the scene that takes place. Before pressing onwards, equip your characters with pieces of armor that either absorb or reduce Wind damage such as Ribbon or Coronet. Equip the Dragon Killer ability to Freya and equip everyone with the Clear Headed ability. Keep the Body Temp ability equipped as well.

Make your way up the stairs, head to the left and search around for the Rune Claws. Proceed up the steps, as you attempt to make your way to the top, another boss battle begins.


This isn’t too hard of a battle, Tiamat uses a variety of attacks. Some of them inflict status effects, Silent Claw causes Silence and Jet Fire causes Heat to the entire party. He uses Twister, but if your party is wearing equipment that absorbs or reduces Wind damage that won’t be a problem. If Tiamat casts Float on a character, if they are a physical attacker do not attack Tiamat until the Float wears off! If you do, he will perform a Counter called Snort, he will blow your character out of the battle and there is not way you can get them back until the battle is over. You can recast Float on the infected character to bring them back down.

This is why you have to be careful, allow Tiamat to attack before you select your physical attacks. You never know when he will cast float, your character will then perform the attack and be taken out of the battle by the snort counter. Tiamat also Absorbs MP and Strength, use White Wind if your party’s MP is getting too low. Vivi should cast Flare each round, have Eiko summon Madeen or cast Holy each turn. Freya can start off by casting Reis’s Wind, Zidane can alternate between attacking and stealing. Just hit Tiamat with the strongest spells and attacks you have in your arsenal.

Make your way up the stairs and move through this area. If you ever see an ‘!’ in Memoria and you press X and Zidane looks around, you can press square to challenge the Card Master to a game of Tetra Master. Continue down this area and head up the stairs to the left. You will soon find yourself in a strange area that twists around. Follow this path to the end, touch the glowing orb, use a tent and save your game. Continue along this area and head into the next.

A brief scene with Quina will take place here. After it is over, there is an optional boss in here that you can fight. Hades, there is a strategy for him in the Side Quest section of this guide. To fight him, move to the right side of the screen. Continue searching around this area until you are prompted. Choose to not leave and the battle will begin. If you want to fight him check out the Side Quests section for the strategy.

Before you continue, equip your party with equipment that either absorbs or reduces it. Equip them with the Body Temp and also Devil Killer if they are able to use it. If Vivi is in your party, make sure that he does not have the Return Magic ability equipped to him. Proceed through the Ocean area, as you attempt to climb the stairs another boss battle commences.


Kraken uses a variety of Water based attacks such as Water Gun. He can also Freeze a party member, but the Body Temp ability negates this. There are three targets on Kraken that you can attack: His body, his right tentacle and his left tentacle. Deal a bit of damage to his body, and then cast Dragon Breath with Freya. This will deal 9999 damage to all three targets, do this until his tentacles are rendered useless. He will cast Waterga on both your party and himself to restore HP. He uses Leg physical attack as well.

Have Eiko cast Holy or summon Madeen, Vivi can cast Flare each turn. Zidane can alternate between stealing and attacking. Freya can cast Reis’s Wind and of course use Dragon’s Breath to disposed of the tentacles.

Once the battle is over, continue up the steps and head into the next area. Move to the far right of the area and press X when the ‘?’ appears to find another save spot. Use a tent to heal and save your game, then continue on. A brief scene will take place in the room with the ladder. Before climbing the ladder, equip your party with Locomotion ability and also the Devil Killer ability on those who are able to use it.

Climb up the ladder and move to the top left corner of this platform to find the Mace of Zeus. Proceed up the ladder, in this room a brief scene will take place and then yet another boss battle.


Lich can inflict the Stop status effect on a character, luckily if you have the Locomotion support ability equipped it will have no effect. Lich can also cast Death, which has a chance of KOing a character. Eiko can deal 9999 damage a turn by casting Holy. Vivi should cast Flare each turn, Zidane can alternate between stealing or attacking. If he reaches Trance just perform Grand Lethal.

Freya should use Dragon’s Breath to deal 9999 damage a turn once enough damage has been dealt. Just continue hitting him with your most powerful attacks and he will go down in no time.

Once Lich has been defeated, search to the left by the doorway to find another place to save. Use a tent and save your game, then exit through the doorway. Zidane will be walking in space, just continue moving up while he floats. You should begin to see a light. There are still random battles here, they don’t even give you a break in space! Once you have made it to the end, you will be in the Crystal World. Make your way down the twisted path, continue walking until you find yourself in the final area.

You can use the glowing orb to save your game, use a Tent or teleport back to the Memoria entrance. Once you teleport back to the entrance you will not be able to teleport back to this point. Use a tent, save your game and prepare your characters. Equip Freya, Zidane, or whomever you have in your party with the Bird Killer and Devil Killer abilities. Then proceed through to the next area. A few scenes will eventually lead to a battle with Deathguise.


Deathguise casts Meteor which can deal quite a bit of damage. You need to be on top of healing your party with Eiko or Dagger. Zidane can just steal and attack like always, Freya can cast Reis’s Wind to start things off and then cast Dragon’s Breath each turn to deal 9999 damage. Eiko should cast Holy and also heal the party when they are in need. Vivi should cast Flare each turn. Deathguise isn’t very tough, he has a lot of HP but besides Meteor, his attacks are lacking in the damage department.

Once the battle is over head back into the last room, use a tent and save your game before confronting Kuja. Prepare your party by equipping Zidane and Freya or another physical attacker with Man Eater. You can also equip Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, Counter, Eye 4 Eye and High Tide. Your probably don’t have enough magic stones for all of those, just select the most important ones, being Auto-Haste and Auto-Regen. Once you are ready continue on, approach Kuja and the battle will begin.

Trance Kuja

Kuja casts Flare on single targets, and he will eventually cast Flare Star. This is a very damaging attack, which he casts frequently. He will also cast Curaga on himself when he is getting low on HP. Also be aware, he sometimes casts Reflect on him self, don’t cast anymore spells on him when he does. You can cast reflect on one of your party members and then bounce the spells off of them. Don’t even bother stealing from Kuja, unless Eiko has yet to learn the Holy ability. In that case you can steal a White Robe and equip this to enable her to use Holy for the final battle. Concentrate with attacking for Zidane

Freya can start things of by casting Reis’s Wind, and continuing to cast it when it wears off. She can use Dragon’s Breath when enough damage has been dealt to Kuja. She should also Jump, this way she may be able to avoid the damage dealt by Flare Star. Eiko can cast Holy or summon Madeen, she also may need to cast Full-Life on a downed party member. Vivi can cast Flare, just be careful because Kuja will sometimes cast Reflect on himself. You don’t want to be dealing damage to yourself! Hit Kuja with everything you’ve got, he will cast the devastating Ultima attack once you have dealt enough damage.

The party has been wiped out by Kuja’s Ultima attack. Zidane will hear a strange voice. You will get the chance to reorganize your party. Your other party members will use their energy to heal your characters. You will then be taken to the main menu. To prepare, equip your characters with the following abilities: Antibody, Jelly, Clear Headed and Loudmouth. Bird Killer for Freya and Zidane, Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, Auto-Life, Counter are all good choices.

Of course, this being the final battle, you don’t have to worry about leveling up or gaining AP, so make sure that you unequipped those abilities. You will not be able to save your game after this. Once you are ready exit the menu and the final battle will begin. You’re almost done, there’s no turning back now!


This guy is freaking insane! He’s got a huge variety of devastating attacks in his arsenal and he attacks very frequently. He casts Holy, Flare, Thundaga, Firaga, and Waterga. You should be familiar with those attacks. He also casts Shell, Protect and Curaga to heal himself. His Blue Shockwave attack reduces a characters HP to one, though this seems to miss pretty often. Grand Cross deals a bunch of damage, complete with an overly long battle animation.

Neutron Ring is the one you want to look out for. This thing inflicts a bunch of different status effects including Mini, Trouble and Berserk. Of course, if you followed my advice before this battle the bulk of those status effects should be negated. To cure Mini you can either use a Remedy or cast Esuna. For Berserk you can use a Gysahl Green. Trouble can be cured with an Annoyntment.

Take care of these status effects quickly. Don’t bother stealing, you know with this being the final battle and all. Don’t be afraid to use all of the items available to you. Use Elixirs, throw all of your best items with Amarant, it doesn’t matter. Now my party was Zidane, Freya, Eiko and Vivi. Just hit him with everything you’ve got! Use Holy with Eiko, this deals a nice chunk of damage. Attack normally with Zidane, Vivi can cast Flare. Make sure to cast Reis’s Wind with Freya unless your entire party has Auto-Regen. You can use Dragon’s Breath to deal 9999 damage a turn once enough damage has been dealt. You can also Jump, and possibly miss out on Necron’s Neutron Ring.

He may be kind of hard to keep up with, but just keep pounding him with spells and physical attacks.

Once Necron is dead, the ending of the game will begin. This is it, you made it!