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About Offensive/Defensive Items

These items are very helpful to give you the offense or defense of the battle. From damaging the enemy to improving your character’s stats, these items can help turn the battle around.

Offensive/Defensive Items

Name Description
Al Bhed Potion Cures most status effects and restores 1000 HP to each character
Healing Water Restores HP fully of the party
Tetra Elemental Restores HP and casts NulAll on all party members
Antartic Wind Causes Ice Damage to target
Artic Wind causes Ice damage to target
Ice Gem cause Ice damage on all enemys
Bomb Fragment Causes Fire damage on targets
Bomb Core Causes fire damage to target
Fire Gem Causes Fire Damage on all Enemys
Electro Marble Causes lightning damage to target
Lightning Marble Causes lightning damage to target
Lightning Gem Causes lightning damage to all Enemys
Fish Scale Causes water damage to all targets
Grenade Causes damage to all enemys
Frog Grenade Cause damage and armor break to all targets
Sleeping Powder Causes damage and sleep to all targets
Dream Powder Causes damage and sleep to all targets
Silence Grenade Causes damage and silence on all targets
Smoke Bomb Causes damage and darkness on all targets
Shadow Gem Reduces the hp of all targets by 1/2
Shining Gem Damages single Target
Blessed Gem Damages single Target
Supreme Gem Damages all targets
Poison Fang Causes damage and poison on a target
Silver Hourglass Delys the action of all enemys
Gold Hourglass Damages all targets and delays their next action
Candle of Life Cast Doom on a target
Petrify Grende Pertifies all targets
Farplane Shadow Causes death on an enemy
Farplane Wind Causes death on all enemyst
Dark Matter Causes major damage on all enemys
Chocobo Feather Cast haste on a single Character
Chocobo Wing Cast haste on all party members
Lunar Curtain cast shell on one target
Light Curtain cast protect on one target
Star Curtain cast reflect on one target
Healing spring cast regen on a single target
Mana Spring Absorbs MP from a target
Stamina Spring Absorbs HP from a target
Soul Spring Absorbs HP and MP from target
Purifying Salt Damges and enemy and gets rid of its magic effects
Stamina Tablet Doubles maximum HP of one character
Mana Tablet doubles maximum MP of one character
Stamina Tonic Doubles HP maximum of whole party
Mana Tonic Doubles maximum MP of whole party
Twin Stars reduces mp useage of character to 0
Three Stars Reduces partys mp use to zero