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About Recovery Items

No matter how powerful your party becomes, always ideal to have a recovery item when in battle or at field with no saving sphere near by. recovery items restore normal settings of health, status, etc. the following is a list of recovery items in Final Fantasy X.

Recovery Items

Name Description
Potion Recovers 200 HP of a single Character
Hi-Potion Recovers 1000 HP of a single character
X-Potion Fully recovers HP of a single Character
Mega-Potion Restores 2000 HP to every party member
Ether Restores 100 MP to a single character
Turbo Ether Restores 500 MP to a single character
Phoenix Down Revives a character from the KO Status
Mega Phoenix Revives all KO’d Characters
Elixer Fully restores a single character’s HP and MP
Megalixer Fully restores the while party’s HP and MP
Antidote Cures the poison status
Soft Cures the perification status
Eye Drops Cures darkness
Echo Screen Cures Silence
Holy Water Cures zombie and curse
Remedy Cures status effects