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Battle System

To start, the battle system used in Chrono Cross is pretty unique and pretty difficult to get used to. There are 4 different things you can do during the battle when it’s your character(s) turn in battle: you can attack, use an element, defend, or try to run away. Each character also has a Stamina Meter in their on-screen status box during the battle.



Pause game, bring up submenu

Control Pad/Left Analog Stick

Move cursor, change to another active
Character (Left Analog Stick only works when
the LED light is on)

X Button

Confirm or execute command


Change viewpoint during target selection


Cancel command before executing

Square, L1 and R1 Buttons

Switch to another active character

L2 Trigger

Confirm or execute command (Press down the Left Analog Stick to trigger
when the LED light is on)

R2 Trigger

Cancel command before executing (Press down the Right Analog Stick to
trigger when the LED light is on)