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Chrono Cross Items

Items can be bought or found in treasure chest. Here are all the items and their locations.

Name Location
Ancient Fruit Wingapedes love them. Beebas in Hydra Marshes have them.
Angry Scapula Part of Skelly’s body, found in Shadow Woods.
Aroma Pouch Captures spores from trees in Shadow Forest to get creatures’ attention.
Astral Amulet Given to you by Kid. Lets you travel between dimensions.
Beeba Flute Used to tame and use the Wingapede. Obtain from Beeba in Hydra Marshes (Home World).
Bellflowers Found in Fossil Valley.
Big Egg Take from Fossil Valley (Another World). Hatches into Draggy.
Black Relic Defeat the Black Dragon to get it.
Blue Relic Defeat the Water Dragon to get it.
Book of Poems Get from waitress at Belcha’s shop in Arni (Home World).
Card Key Find in Chronopolis. Allows access to all levels.
Chrono Cross Forge it at Divine Dragon Falls (Another World) using the Tears of Love and Hate.
Decor Shield Decorative shield, can be equipped by Pierre.
Dragon Emblem Show to Steena (Another World) to recruit Steena (Home World).
Einlanzer Negates evil power of Masamune.
Explosive Get from explorer on Earth Dragon Isle (Home World) to blow away creatures.
Fiddler Crab Beat Sage of Marbule on S.S. Zelbess to get it.
Garai Keepsake Used to get through mirrors on Isle of the Damned.
Good Backbone Skelly’s spine. Find in cave in Hydra Marshes (Home World).
Green Relic Defeat the Green Dragon to get it.
Green Tinkler Get from dwarf in Guldove (Another World). Plants in Hydra Marshes bend over for you.
Handle Steal from S.S. Zelbess to stop the roulette tables from being rigged.
Heavy Skull Skelly’s talking head.
Heckran Bone Poshul joins party just to get it.
Hero’s Medal Get from a boy in Glenn’s backyard in Termina (Another World). Used to make Pierre join party.
Hydra Humour Found in Hydra Marshes (Home World). Used to nullify Hydra poisons.
Ice Breath Talk to Water Dragon (Home World) to get it. Freezes fire and magma.
Ice Gun Find in a burning orphanage. Invented by a genius inventor.
Komodo Scales Jewelry made from scales of Komodo Lizard. Beat the lizards at Lizard Rock to get them.
Life Sparkle Get from Hydra Marshes (Another World). Used to give life to NeoFio.
Manor Key Opens main gates of Viper Manor. Win Dragon-Feeding game in Viper Manor’s stable to get it.
Medical Book Found in Geddon Station. Give to Doc so he can learn his best tech.
Memento Pendant Defeat Solt and Peppor on Isle of the Damned (Another World).
Mixed Bones Miscellaneous bones belonging to Skelly.
Mushroom Get from a man in cave under Viper Manor. Give to man in cave in Shadow Woods (Home World).
Parlor Key Unlocks Viper Manor parlor. Find in bucket outside the dungeon.
Pelvic Bone Skelly’s pelvis.
Prison Key Get from Norris in Viper Manor (Another World) to rescue Riddel.
Prop Sword Find in Geddon Station. Pierre can equip it.
Red Relic Defeat the Fire Dragon to get it.
Relief Charm Lets another character stand in for Serge during combat. (New Game + only)
Safety Gear Get from man in Hydra Marshes (Another World). Lets party move through Marshes without being poisoned.
Sapphire Brooch Defeat Orlha to get it. Give to her later to have her join party.
Shark’s Tooth Created by Kiki’s father (Home World).
Smith Spirit Get from Zappa. Allows party to forge weapons and equipment from overworld or save points.
Star Fragment Find under El Nido Triangle (Home World). Take it to Sky Dragon Isle to find Starky.
Station Pass Used to explore beyond turnstiles in Geddon Station.
Sturdy Ribs Skelly’s ribs. Find behind waterfall on Water Dragon Isle.
Tear of Hate Get from Zoah or Karsh in back room of bar in Termina.
Tear of Love Get from Steena in Guldove (Home World).
Tele-porter Get from Kid. Lets party members be changed when in the overworld or save points.
Time Egg Beat the Time Devourer in Terra Tower to get it.
Time Shifter Changes speed of game. (New Game + only)
White Relic Defeat the Sky Dragon to get it.
Yellow Relic Defeat the Earth Dragon to get it.