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Enter The Sea Of Eden

You find yourself in a strange realm……with 3 outlying islands and a large heavy shielded center. The Islands are called Past, Present and Future……a very Curious place. Go to the Island as Past first and read its lines which clue in on the events that have transpired and caused this to be. Exit.

Enter the second island the Present, which give a great revelation at what is happening now and the destiny at hand. It then spins off like the other Triangle.

Enter the third island the Future, which seems to reveal what is coming to pass, and the future of this world which lies ahead predestined by FATE……..or not to be. Then FATE calls forth a being to attack you to test and see if you are ready.

BOSS: Vira Unus

It’s named differently depending on what order you spoke to them. The easiest of course being the correct order, Past, Present then Future. Regardless it’s going to be a tough fight. It will use Red Field, Yellow Field, Green Field depending on what element it’s planning. And UltraNova, Inferno and all the powerful elements to attack.

Your best bet is taking it out immediately. Have Serge use his Level 7 Tech Flying Arrow early in the battle to get the Saints Summons started, then the others help out. Once Saints is summoned, there will only be one part remaining. Defeat it to destroy the creature.

Once it’s defeated, the strange storm the Goddess seemed to put around the center Calms and Serge reaches the center, known as Time Fortress: Chronoopolis.

Once inside listen to the Shadows talking about an Experiment gone wrong. Continue up the walkway where a huge robot will attack.

BOSS: Polis Police

Hard enough to sweat. He will use Megaton Punch which Is NOT his most devastating Attack Bazooka is, but it still can knock out a party member. Be sure to use Mag Negate on everyone for this fight and if you stole the White Plate have it Equipped to Serge. Use 3 black elements and summon Grip Reaper to get this guy good. Make sure you keep it up and heal or you are toast. Once he dies continue onward.

In this area, kill the Robots and enter the sewer system. Use the mini robot to obtain Cure Alls and extend the platform on the other side. Walk across and go up. Hit the switch to open the doors. Kill the robots and continue to the next rooms. Here go to the left and talk to the shadow standing on the dock. Then save and go back to the elevator. Go to the stairs on the right and up to floor 2. Here have GrobyC in your party go in the room near the lasers to get his Strong Arm. There is a safe in here you CAN NOT open. But remember its location.

Go to the door on the left and enter speaking with the shadows. They will tell you of the El Nido archipelago. Go in the back and get the Rainbow Shell. Hit the switch on the top left panel to unlock the level 2 lock. Now you can use the elevator. Take it to the third floor. Go inside the left hand door to speak to the shadows and see an interesting device called the Time Trigger being demonstrated. Grab the elements here and fight the Robot to get an element in back.

Go back out and go to the right hand side and see them talking about brains. Fight the Robot in the hallway to get another element. Come back out and go to the fourth floor. Now go speak with the Shadows in the room on the right. The experiment will begin soon. Go back to the man on the dock and he will leave to the experiment. On the fourth floor, enter and learn how the Records of Fate were created by fate to record all events in the world of El Nido in the Ocean south east of the Zenan continent. Then fight the Combots and watch out not to go berserk.

BOSS: Combots

All 3 will use a red element attack which causes the party to go berserk. If you can summon a monster to end this fight before it happens. If it does, you won’t have control over your party and the Combots will probobly be destroyed eventually.

After they are out of the way, get the Keycard which will open the way to the basement finally. When you touch the panel on the side you hear a familiar voice.