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Destiny of the Chrono Revealed

The Voice is Kids. She’s talking with you and Magil in another timeline. These words and memories are from Radical Dreamers, a game developed on the japaneese satellite view and part of her group she led which was a band of thieves. It sounds starkingly similar to the diologue spoken in Fort Dragonia. You realize Kid is more than she seems. Afterwards head back to the 3rd floor.

Here examine the consoles to find out information on Lavos and the Mammon Machine, which originally was the source of the transformation. Apparently Queen Zeal of the Zeal Kingdom an evil witch and apprentice to Lavos, threw Schalas body outside of the Space Time continuum where Lavos went and merged into the biological lifeform, after she had become Goddess of the planet. It also explains the relation between the Mammon Machine and the Reptiles Dimension known as Dinoopolis, which was lost in a time crash.

Because of these events, Azalas kingdom was erased and the Dragons were sealed away. Because of Lavos and FATE the Dragon God was supressed inside its world. Schala/FATE never meant for it to happen…but under the influence of Lavos intentionally brought it about. Apparently during the time of the dinosaurs, this Kingdom of Zeal was where the time crash occurred. Further information reveals that Chronoopolis may have been sucked back through time as a counter balance against Lavos….or was it set up? Eiteher way, enter the basement and hear an all too familiar greeting from the “fate” computer. It welcomes Serge as the Chrono Trigger….inside Fates embodiment Incarnation Lynx awaits. Finally something comes together.

Apparently only 6 years after the events of Chrono Trigger (not 20 this is only when Serge reaches 17 not when the game begins) Wazuki and Miguel went out on a quest to save Serge from the Panther Demon poison….and see the Sage of Marbule to help accomplish this. It was not to be however…instead they washed ashore here and Wazuki and Miguel came and found the Frozen Flame……. which Serge came in contact with in order to heal his body. But it changed Wazuki……..into something frightful and the fate computer system was damaged during the storm releasing the hold it had on the seventh dragon whom Lavos and Schala intended to suppress as well.

So the system recognizes only Serges body as the Arbitrer or the Chrono Trigger. He goes on to say that Lucca Ashtear created the fate computer system as a upgrade of the Mother Brain…..technically it is only an extension of Schala/FATE herself, but in these terms Lavos had other plans. He when he saw the boy known as Serge, was sure he had another Crono on his hands. So he ordered the termination of Serge by his father….who went under a transformation and became an incarnation of fate……….which would mean if he died the fate computer system would die. What exactly happened? Haven’t you figured it out? The Frozen Flame turned Wazuki into Lynx… Wazuki IS Lynx…….Serges father..but more importantly an Incarnation of fate……to be used by Lavos and Schala to destroy him. During the time of the Mammon Machine Dinoopolis was sucked into the future but supressed by fate, so during the Time Crash Lavos sucked Chronoopolis to the past by using FATE/Schala to serve as a counter balance for Dinoopolis. In case it resurfaced…of course Chronoopolis won the war with Dinoopolis before it was suppressed along with the 6 dragon gods.

For before the FATE computer system….the entire sea of El Nido had no land and was known as the Sea Of Eden. It was ruled by the Dragon God and devoid of humans. However Lavos who technically used the system and FATE herself to create a world for his race to dwell….hadn’t known that his servant was plotting against him. FATE/Schala had her own counterbalance…subconsciously she called Serge across the dimensions and even CLONED herself to be able to guide Serge on his journey. This form is the good wholesome Schala we all know and love… this form is simply known as Kid. After Project Kid, a lot of things got out of hand including the fact that Lynx was now loose upon the world and Lucca and her friends got erased from Existance. As well as Kids home getting burned down by Lynx….apparently Lavos had some idea of what was going on, and sent Lynx to kill Kid as well knowing very well that the Clone of Schala could upset his plans for domination. But of course, he didn’t know about the Chrono Cross shrine which was undetected by his minions. Sadly, Miguel got used in all of this by FATE/Schala to serve as a watch guard for the Dead Sea, regardless of how badly he wanted to return to see his daughter. Now after finally seeing your full Destiny unfold before you very eyes… prepare for the fight of your life.