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The Battle With The Dragon God

Enter Terra Tower and the palace of Dinoopolis the place where the Dragon God lies….Go down the main hall way and the Yellow creature will attack.

BOSS: Terrator

Use mainly green elements against it, it isn’t too tough to defeat. Be aware of Omega Yellow. Use a summon if neccesary. For defeating him you get a Yellow Field.

Continue down the hulking structure and huge hallways to a gigantic maze. Go across the large stone blocks until one collapses and you fall deep into the bowels. You end up in the area with all the water. Terra Tower is inhabited entirely by reptiles, no other form of life exists here. Start following the long stretches of land around the area and make your way to the walls you must climb. Take time to go down the left and right forks and follow the long stretched out walkways around and get the treasure chests. They contain Rainbow Shells and other important items. Keep on walking and fight the reptiles if you wish along the way. Go back to the wall enclosed area and start to climb each one by going up the vine along the sides. Switch from side to side to side as you make your way upwards. Collect the chests to recieve Rainbow Shells.

Keep going along the outside corridor till it branches in two and heads down. Walk across this area to find a large face statue. It will talk to you asking if you are worthy to accept the path you choose. It is the spirit of Azala. Continue walking and you’ll be in a large area with huge roots. Start climbing up and going around this maze taking the time to fight enemies as you go. When you reach the top, enter and go along the wall and continue climbing up.

Each area you climb you find new items and more enemies. Terra Tower goes on for a long long ways so prepare to climb. Keep going up and down the steps and stairs, and collect the Rainbow Shell as well as fight the reptiles for experience. As you make your way to the top of the room, get the element in the chest below you. When you climb the vine, you’ll be in a room with many blue squares and hall ways. Keep going across them to find treasures, as well as some good elements.

Fight the Reptiles along the way and go to the northern area to see a monster blocking the way. Touch it to initiate combat.

BOSS: Pyrotor

This is pretty straight forward, he will use red elements so attack it with blue. Use Ice Blast and Deluge mostly, and if you can Blue Whale and Frog Prince Summons. He will use tablet to heal himself 3 times, so just keep attacking and he will be destroyed. Watch out for his flaming tech. You get a red field element from him.

Keep going down the hallway he left behind and walk up and around avoding the shadows if possible. Follow this maze of cracked steps and chests to find several Rainbow Shells and elements. Then find your way to the left hand side and enter the door. You’ll be in Viper Manor again. Run across the corridor to find out what’s going on. Inside will be Crono and Belthasaur. Talk to him again and he will explain the 7th Dragon FATE originally planned to suppress was in fact Harle. Which means she was the Dark Moon Dragon. He will then hand you the Time Egg. Crono will tell you there is little time and then dissapear. Exit the area and go back to the crossing. Cross this place and enter the hallway above where you will see a green colored creature blocking the way to an elevator. Walk up to it to initiate combat.

BOSS: Anemetor

He’s pretty tough. He will use not only high level Green Elements 4 times in a row, but Heal Plus to heal himself as well as Omega Green. Watch out when he does this it can really devastate. Use mainly Yellow elements including the summon ThundaShake to hurt him really bad. Afterwards he will use one last ditch attack which can really hurt so watch out. Then it dies leaving behind the green field element.

Continue up the elevator it protected to find yourself at a very strange area with 6 colored elements surrounding. Record these as these are the order you must use the elements and then the Chrono Cross to free Schala/FATE from Lavos’s grasp. Go through the large hall and enter the elevator.

At the top you will be in a strange place with different colors. Go to the save point and save your game. Two light pillars stand piercing the sky over the tower. Run to the right first, and equip all your heavy hitting black elements. Equip the white Plate and get past the blowing wind machines which blow you off course. Enter the teleporter and teleport to the other side to face a white creature.

BOSS: Luxator

With the White Plate, this battle will be easy. If not it’s going to be tough. Use your high level black elements immediately, and summon Grim Reaper if possible. Luxator will sometimes attack consecutively using Holy Light, Ultra Nova and then Omega White which can literally annhialate the party. Make sure to heal at the end of EACH turn. Don’t use Serges techs because it will heal it. Serge should get healed by all of Luxators attacks except Physical. He hits pretty hard too. Be sure to trap some of his elements like Ultra Nova before he dies. He leaves behind a regular element.

Now go back all the way to the left and run to the left. Enter the portal after getting past the moon enemies and get in front of a large black creature. This guy is tough.

BOSS: Gravitor

Make sure Serge is equipped with the Black Plate. Gravitor tends to use Gravitonne followed by Free Fall followed by Black Hole, after it attacks physically. It will then follow it up with Omega Black, which is fatal to Serge. Use Diminish and all of Serges techs on the boss, since Serge should get healed except by Physical attacks. Also use Magnegate on the party and this should slow him down. Make sure to use Ultra Nova and Holy Light alot, along with Photon Beam. A strong physical attack helps as well. Afterwards it leaves an element.

Return to the main area and enter the now disabled doors. The beams of light are also gone. Run around the insides of the room and up to the top of the last elevator where you will see a blue creature blocking the way. Touch it to initiate combat.

BOSS: Aquator

He’s pretty tough, but not as much as Gravitor and Luxator and definitely easier then the others. Use mainly Red Elements like Inferno and Magmaburst, as well as Red Wolf if you could capture it from Pyrotor. Summon Salamander if possible, and beware of Iceberg and Deluge, as they tend to hurt. Keep your HP up when it casts Omega Blue and then hit it with strong Physical attacks. It leaves behind a blue field element.

Afterwards go up the elevator. You will be on Sky Dragon Isle again, you’ll recognize the long staircase. Start running up it and you will see the one and only… Frozen Flame. A FMV starts and the Frozen Flame will start changing colors. Apparently the Dragon God is now keeping the Frozen Flame since the FATE computer was destroyed. Suddenly it will fly down and protect its prize, telling you that mankind must perish for its sins. Then it will challenge you.

BOSS: Dragon God (A Time Devourer)

This is a very, very, long and intense fight. The Dragon God has 17,000 HP and can attack with every element there is, depending on what Innate color he currently has. To make it simple for you, save Serges techs till it turns Black, keep your HP up and use all your summons. The Dragon Gods weak Physical attacks are nothing to worry about except when it swoops down on the party occasionally with its Dragon Dive. Cast several Green elements at the start, as the first element the Dragon God will turn to is Yellow. After it takes enough damage it turns to Yellow innate.

Use Tornado, Sonja Carnivore and of course Genie if you can. It then turns to a new color, the order of the Chrono Cross. Red innate. Use IceBerg, Deluge, Iceblast and Frog Prince and Blue Whale if possible. Keep your HP up when it swoops down. Trap its Red Wolf summon if you can. It then turns to Innate Green. Use your highest Yellow innates meaning, Earthquake, Thunderstorm and Upheaval. Also summon Thundashake and Golem if you have it, or trap it from the Dragon God. He may also use Omega Yellow here so beware. After the damage is taken he will switch to Innate Blue in the realm of the Water Dragon. Use high level attacks of Volcano, Inferno, Magmaburst and Red Wolf if you caught it. Also summon Salamander if possible.

Then he will switch to Innate color Black in Marbule. Here he is tough. He will cast Gravity Blow, Gravitonne, Hell Soul, Free Fall, Black Hole and sometimes follow it up with Omega Black so be prepared and have the black plate equipped to someone. Use Serges Dash and Slash tech to really devastate him. And also Flying Arrow. Afterwards he will revert back to White Innate again, back at the top of the tower. He will swoop down on you and summon Ultranova as well as use Holy Light, Meteor Shower and Omega White, which can really hurt regardless. Keep fighting and keep your HP up to win this battle. Use the Grim Reaper summon if possible.

At this time, the Frozen Flame will be lost between time….and the entire Dinopolis will transform again, into a huge Phoenix and stand in midair. Your characters will say their ending Diologue then leave to go to Opassa beach. For right now though don’t go there.