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Conflicting Paths

Head to Hermits Hideaway and use the Ice Gun or Breath if you have it on the hot patch of ground. Then take Poshul to the other world to dig it up. You’ll find a character named Veginon which is basically a vegetable. Now leave the island.

Head to Shadow Forest, and if you took Nikkis quest from earlier then when you get to the hole with the bugs, follow one through a smaller hole on the right. A man will emerge and give you a mushroom. If not just kill the wraith and he will come from the hole on the other side. Take this mushroom to Lisas father underneath the waterfall and give it to him. He will turn into Funguy after a funny sequence. The only way to get him back to normal is with the frozen flame so he joins.

Take Funguy to the area near the mushrooms to get his level 7 tech. Then go to the other world and visit Lisas father to watch him freak out at seeing himself, apparently in a coma about Mushrooms. Leena will say there is probobly something that can be done to Lisa as she walks in to her fathers room. Then leave and go to the Manor.

In here take Neo Fio and Veginon in your party to the very top. The two will start talking to eachother and after a short sequence Veginon will get his level 7 tech skill. Give the prop sword to Pierre to increase his attack by a huge amount and the hero sheild to increase his defense. With this Pierres Cyrus Punch won’t miss.

Head to the SS Invincable and find Pip hiding in the bottom closet. Follow him around and he will join again. You can develop this creature like a Pokemon and get better Techs depending how you raise him.

In another world, go to the Fossil Valley to pick up Skellys skull. Now head to Hydra Swamp in the cave in the north east corner and check the ground for his good backbone. Head to Isle of the Damned in the cave at the top for his Ribcage. Then head to Guldove and talk to the element trader to recieve his Pelvic bone. Head to the area under the waterfall in shadow forest to find his Angry Scapula. Head to water Dragon Isle and check the floor around the area of the pile of chests to get his Mixed Bones. Take this back to the lady in Termina to reunite Skelly with his Grandma. She will thank you after of which Skelly will join.

Take Mojo back to his master and talk to the cats in this order: The bottom left, bottom right top left. Then do it in the other world. You will get his level 7 tech from the spirits, and he will be renamed Mojoy after breaking the evil curse.

If you don’t have Draggy, go retrieve his egg from Fossil Valley and hatch him in the machine of Fort Dragonia.

Go back to Guldove in Another and show Orhla her Green Brooch. She will join automatically. Talk to Doc in home to get her level 7 tech Sisterhood, and reveal a huge plot element. There will be a lot of tears exchanged.

Head into Termina, and recruit Zappa the blacksmith. Go back to Marbule in another, and speak to Toma to get the Papyrus window frame and the guy on the far left to buy the great hammer. Take this to Anothers Zappa to forge a Rainbow axe, and gain the ability to make prism equipment the strongest equipment in the game. Use smith spirit to forge at any time. Take anothers Pierre to homes Pierre to watch something funny.

With Nikki in your party, visit Homes Nikki and learn his level 7 tech skill which can really hurt. If you haven’t, give Doc his Medical Book to learn his level 7 tech skill. Take Steena to Isle Of the Damned and inspect the gravestone of Garai. His spirit will give her his shadow afterwards it turns into her level 7 tech.

Take Leena to speak with her grandmother in home to recieve her level 7 tech skill as well as some story. Take Steena to Hydra Marsh in Another’s world. Travel up to the area where you fought wingapede. Along the way you’ll meet some goblins. Kill them all off and the beeba gives you fruit. Continue up and jump in the large hole. The spirit of the Hydra, Dehydrate will appear in another world and you will have to fight it.

BOSS: Dehydrate

Have Steena use her Garai shadow tech against it if she has it, and the other party members heal. Have Serge attack with powerful white spells. It has a couple of bad attacks so heal and watch the diologue.

Afterwards Steena will receive her Level 5 Tech skill. I had Janice in my party when I did this to get some text. To get Greco and complete his sidequest, go to him in the other world after Viper Manor. Talk to him and he will say that he wishes to right the wrongs of the world and joins you. Now, in Home world, kill the Wraith near the boulder with Greco in your party and search around the hole.

You should find Ghetz’s shirt. Ghetz was Greco’s brother and died of a horrible accident of which Greco feels responsible. Later during Disc 1 after traveling to the dragons, revisit the place in the other world to find a mysterious Ghost, the Ghost of Ghetz he will give Greco his level 7 tech, and if you have his shirt on he may say something interesting.

Now head to Opassa beach with the desired party members you would like.