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Chrono Cross Secrets

Here are some secrets for Chrono Cross to help you a ton throughout the game.

Secret #1

In Viper Manor go to Karsh’s room and try to open the treasure box, keeping trying to open it untill the 20th time and then he will give you what’s inside.

Secret #2

In the home world there is a barrel in the bar press x four times and it will give you an uplift do the same in another world expect it is a pot, talk to it four times and it will give you an IceLance!!

Secret #3 – Keeping Harle

Beat the game anytime before Harle leaves your party in new game+, save it, then go to Sprigg’s house (entrance located in the Hydra marshes in Home World) with the Chrono Cross. When you use it, you’ll have Harle, plus all the characters you’ve ever recruited from all of the games you’ve previously played!

Secret #4 – The Plates

When you do the Dragon God quest, bring Fargo in your party and you’ll be able to steal element plates. These plates are useful because they will allow you to absorb specific elements. There are specific points to steal from the dragons. If you fail, then you can run away and retry. Yellowplate, steal from Earth Dragon at the beginning of the battle. Hit theDragon three times with weak attacks, then steal. Red plate, hit the red dragon a couple times with Fargo after his transformation, then steal. Greenplate, early in the battle, after the first round. Blue plate, beat up the blue dragon a lot, but not to the point where he starts to sag, then steal.Black plate, early in battle, the same way as the green dragon. The whiteplate is pretty much early in the battle too.

Secret #5 – Feed all 100 dragons:

Note: A controller with a turbo feature is required for this trick. When you meet the man who feeds dragons in a barn, you can earn prizes depending on how many dragons you feed for him. To feed all 100 set the turbo feature on X and use the D-pad to move back and forth.

This is a simple task to do, but only recommended after first completing the game. After completing the game use the “slow speed” button to make the 100 dragons feedable.

Secret #6 – Book Of Poems

In the beginning of the game, go to Arni (Home World) and talk to the girl who wants to be a poet. When you have access to both worlds freely, go to Arni (Another World) and talk to the same girl in the Cafe. Then, go to the Home World Arni and talk to same girl. She will give you the Book of Poems. Go back to Another World and talk to the same girl. She cannot take the book but she will give you a Rainbow Shell.

Secret #7 – Purse

In Van’s house (Another World), press X behind the stairway to get a purse that increases the amount of cash flow when you defeat a monster and/or Boss.she will give you a Rainbow Shell.

Secret #8 – How To Get Chrono Cross

First of all, you can get this any time but you can’t keep it but once per game. You also need both Dragon Tears EACH game to get it. If you take the Tear of Hate and Love to Divine Dragon Falls and put them on their pedastal, you’ll receive the Chrono Cross automatically into your elements.

If you take it to Spriggs home Dimension and use it here now, you will gain back EVERY previous character on your saves you have acquired, even Harle but you
have to do it 5 times.

Secret #9 – Defeating Chriosphinx

An easy way to defeat the Chriosphinx without unlocking New Game+ is to equip the Green Plate that was stolen from the Green Dragon on your most powerful character. Attack Chriosphinx with every element possible. After that, use physical attacks. This can take a very long time but is well worth it. You will get the Moonglasses for defeating it.

Secret #10 – Z-Slash attack

To perform this attack, you must have Serge, Kid, and Sprigg in your party. Serge must be able to perform Flying Arrow, Kid must be able to perform Red Pin, while Sprigg needs to Dopplegang into Slash (which is only available in New Game+).

Play to the part where you get the boat. Go to the Bend of Time and go through the door that you could not access in the first game. You will fight Ozzie, Reah, and Slash from Chrono Trigger. Make sure Sprigg gives the last blow to Slash and has the Forget-Me-Not-Pot equipped.