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The Beginning

You are having a dream where you and a strange girl are inside an elevator. You go upstairs and find yourselves in a large complex. Run around the are and get the chests if you want. Fight the Cybots, you’ll notice you can take off about 245 HP each hit. Run into the lower hand room by following the corridor around. Inside hit the crystal to activate the teleporter in the main hall. Run back and go around the corridor fighting the enemies, and climb up the stairs to the teleporter. You are teleported up to a walkway. Enter the door with your friends. An FMV starts which is really scary. You see the girl stabbed and a bloody dagger you are holding.

Then you hear your mom calling you. You wake up to find yourself in Arni village, your home town. You are told by your mother to go see Leena or she will be mad. But first of all, take the time to go to Lizard rock. Here find the 3 Komodo dragons. The first is by the tunnel running around in the water when you enter the area. Chase it so it goes through the tunnel then push the rock so it rolls over the hole, and sneak up on the other side. When it runs for the hole, trap it inside and fight it. After killing it, take the Komodo scale and travel one screen to the left. Here chase the Komodo dragon around the area by playing tag. Once you catch it, fight it and get its komodo scale.

Now go back down 2 screens south, and kill the Beach Bums in the way of the log which goes up one screen. Travel up killing the monsters, and go around till you are on the ledge above the Komodo. Wait for the Dragon to come within two inches of the ledge area on the bottom and then jump. Not before or after. You will land on it, and a battle ensues. Defeat it and then prepare for the boss.

BOSS: Mama Komodo

This is pretty straightforward, just use a level 3 tech on it, and a level 3 combination attack to kill it. To do this hit number 3 when you choose the attack command, and then hit element and go to serges tech skill. Use Tablet if needed, it’s an easy fight.

Afterwards take the 3 Komodo scales with you back to Arni. Speak with Leena by the shore, who will head to Opassa beach afterwards. Now go to the house in Arni on the right hand side, and go down the stairs on the far right to find a man. Speak to him to get the Shark Tooth. Leave to Opassa beach. Here, talk to Leena who takes the scale for her necklace. Answer positively to her responses, and then watch the FMV. Serge will be called across time by a voice… to another dimension. You will be woken by a man with a Komodo dragon.

Exit and fight the Fishes on the way out. Head to Arni…which is totally different. Go talk to Leena who doesn’t know who you are, and says that Serge is dead! But he is you….so go to the grave she says he has up at Cape Howl. Here read the gravestone which says Serge died at Age 7 drowning! Then a strange man approaches calling Serge the ghost of the boy who died 10 years ago….he is one of the 4 Devas of the Arcacia Dragoons named Karsh. He was sent to capture you by a mysterious man from Porre. Him and his assistants Solt and Peppor prepare to capture you when a girl shows up. Her name is Kid. A battle ensues.

BOSS: Karsh Solt and Peppor

This battle is easy. Use a level 3 tech skill if you have to, and beat up Karsh who deals the most damage first. Solt and Peppor will teach you about elements if you don’t know already…then after Kid asks to join.