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Who Am I?

You wake up in a crayon colored world. This is the Dimensional Vortex. Go ring the tree to your right and a lady will come out of her house. Get in front of the door before she comes back and you’ll go inside. She’ll introduce herself as Sprigg, give you a runthrough of where you are and then join you. Save and go up the hill. Push the boulder off to find a revive element.

Climb all the way to the top and enter the strange house. Harle will greet you and tell you you are Lynx. She will go through various doors. If you don’t go through the door on the side she passes through, you’ll go in circles forever. Afterwards you will be outside.

In this area, take Harle and Sprigg and fight the enemies to gain more monsters for Spriggs Doppelgang attack. Go all the way down the stairs to find the hole out of this dimension. Jump down and you will end up back in Hydra Marshes home. You can go through this vortex at any time. Once back home travel to Arni only to see everyone frightened of your new appearance.

Go to Opassa beach to find the Amulet will no longer work. Head back to the village and talk to your mother. She will tell you a story about your father and leenas father of how they got lost in the dead sea. Afterwards chief Radius will enter. He’ll say you aren’t welcome and challenge you to a fight.

BOSS: Radius

He’s pretty tough. Use Lynxs Feral Cats and Clidehook as well as Blackhole if you caught one earlier to quickly end this fight. Otherwise use strong physical attacks and heal. Once he is defeated he will join you.

Head to Hermits Hideaway by going through fossil valley. Here the porre guards will flee from the sight of Lynx. Afterwards head up to Termina. Here talk to the Porre guard on the left side of town blocking your way. He will tell Lynx to go find Sir Norris. Exit Termina after stocking on Elements, and enter the Manor through the front gates. Go down inside the well to find Norris. Just run around through the sewers and up the ladder to the inside of the prison. Go over to the Prison cell on the far right and head in to talk to Norris.

After a long story about how Lynx had gotten Porre involved with the Frozen Flame, Norris will join and suggest you take his ship to El Nido Triangle to look for clues. Leave Termina using his ship and head out to sea. Don’t go to El Nido and instead head to Hermits Hideaway. El Nido is just a sidequest to get a new character named Starky who you don’t need yet.

Talk with Radius, and then set off to the island of Marbule. Spend the Night and a Mermaid will ask to go with you to the SS Zelbess cruiseship. Head out to the ship and go aboard. Go to the captains chamber and talk to Fargo who is not himself. He has given up on life and secluded himself in a luxury ship with Demi Human slaves and Gambling aplenty. Talk to the man downstairs who is cleaning the dock. Follow him to the gate where the Pirate says that you need permission from the captain to enter. Go up and talk to Fargo, who says you must win him in a gambling game. Challenge him to the Casino and lose to him. He’ll win your ship which means you’re stuck.

Go outside to the door on the right and enter to watch a magic show. The man, Sneff will turn this guy into a cat. Go over to the Inn nearby and talk with your pals who think something is fishy. Go back to Sneff, and Volunteer to be turned into cats. Leave after becoming cats and go inside the Kitchen to get Leenas new Weopon as well as the cats window frame. Head back out and enter the Inn. Go under the table and head upstairs to see the Demi Human rotating a magnet which forces the Game above to be rigged.

Take the handle off and return to Sneff through a little hole in the wall. He will turn you back. Now head upstairs and talk to the captain again. Challenge him once more. This time he will lose, and he will return your ship as well as give you access to the Grand slam. Go downstairs and talk to Sneff in his show room to have him join you once he wins the jackpot.

At the Grand Slam follow the Janitor around the hall back and forth until he notices. He will attack you.

BOSS: Sage of Marbule

It turns out this guy was the Sage all along. He uses all sorts of attacks so preferrably hit him with everything. Use Lynxs heavy hitting attacks and spells.

Once he is defeated Nikki shows up.