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The Battle With Lynx

After you go up the stairs and enter the room, hit the trap on the wall to be shot next door to a different room. Inside speak to Luccia, who talks about her experiments and lets you fight her bulbs.

BOSS: Neo Bulbs

They aren’t too tough but have a few surprise attacks. Hit it with your normal techs and have Nikki or Guile use their techs on it. Pierre should have the Heros shield if he’s here so have him attack and defend. Once they die Luccia will let you out.

Continue through Viper Manor. Go into the room next store and get the Decor shield. Remember this area for later. Exit and go back to the first room. Talk to the strange pot. It comes to life.

BOSS: Potpourii

It’s genie living inside a magic pot. Use your most powerful techs and elements against it as it will otherwise use a really deadly attack when the Genie emerges. Defeat it and take its items it leaves behind and give them to Serge. Go upstairs and talk to the Devas Karsh or Zoah. Continue across the hall.

In the next room go down the stairs and find the kitchen. Here you see Norris in his spy disguise. Continue across to the table. Listen to Glenns conversation and follow him next door. Read the plaque he writes on. Go upstairs and put the combination in the Snake. The doors open. Go to the left and talk to the old man. Belthasaur tells you about the world split and how the dimensions are now seperate. Marcy one of the four Devas attacks you.

BOSS: Marcy

She’s tough so use lots of Red elements and healing if you can. If you have Mojo use his tech skill. When she freezes you have someone cure the person. After she is defeated go up the stairs and hit the button to lower the ladder. Up above get the turn white element from the chest.

After speaking with Belthasaur, enter the main room and go to the top second left column. Hit the switch behind it to lower the throne. Kill the guards and enter the area above. Save here. Enter Lord Vipers office after killing the Poltragheist. A scene ensues where Serge sees the Frozen Flame, and a flash back. Then Lynx who emerges attacks the party.

BOSS: Lynx Shadow

He’s really tough, almost as much as Lynx himself. Use healing spells as much as you can. Use turn white on him to lessen his attacks. He has about 1000 HP so be prepared for a long fight. After he falls Kid takes Riddel hostage and tries to escape. As she is leaving though Lynx stabs her with a poisoned Dagger.

The heroes fall into the water and escape. Later you awaken in Guldove.