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Conflicting Plots

If you choose to save Kid, you go down path 1. These things have a significant impact on the game. Korcha will take you in his boat. If you choose not to save Kid, you go down path 2. Korcha will dispise you and leave you stranded in Guldove, where Doc will join.

Path 1: Korcha takes you all to Hydra Swamp, to look for a cure or a Hydra who is alive. All the Hydras are deceased it seems however. Go to Guldove and speak to the Dwarve to get the Green Tinkler. Enter the Swamp and use the Tinkler on the Mutated plants to advance further. You’ll find yourselves in a large swamp area where two goblins are. The goblins then attack.

BOSS: Snibgoblin and Snobgoblin

They are pretty easy and this isn’t a tough fight. Just keep your HP up and attack. After the fight instead of getting Hydra Humour, you get an important tool for finding the Humour. It turns out you will need to go to the Home world. Leave and go to the Shaman in Guldove.

He’ll tell you to cross to your home world the same way you got here. Go to Opassa beach and use the Astral Amulet. You will be in home. Leave to Hydra Swamp. In here the man will move out of the way. Continue past avoiding the monsters and head to your left. Here a small figure will come out and attack.

BOSS: Beeba Beeba

This thing is annoying because it will call its friends, so kill it off as quickly as possible. If you have Neo Fio because you used the Life Sparkle from Anothers swamp on Luccias creation in the pool, use it here. Her tech skill is very useful. After it is defeated you get the Beeba Flute.

Head up the area and to the wide open space. Play the Beeba Flute and the Wingapede will attack.

BOSS: Wingapede

This boss is hard. Use every tough element you have against it, and heal alot. Plus it will give you nasty status effects so be sure to carry some purifies. Use level 3 techs and if you have any level 5 techs as well. After it finally dies, the earth will fall beneath you.

After landing on the monster, go to the cage in back of it. Open the cage after getting the Recover All. A fairy sprite named Razzly will come out and join you. Now the monster wakes up though, so equip her and get ready!!

BOSS: Hydrator

This boss is tough, almost as much as the Hydra! It has a nasty attack so have Razzly heal if possible and attack when neccesary. Use level 3 techs, level 5 and anything you can throw at it. Once you get it down to its last HP have Serge finish it off. Razzly should gain a level. She will agree to come with you to find the Humour. Exit using the ladder and enter the second half of the swamp.

Dwarves have run this whole area over!! Keep on fighting the dwarves, and drive them back further. When you are near the pool, be sure to save! After the last dwarf is gone, enter and watch a figure rise out of the pool! It’s the Hydra.

BOSS: Hydra

If you beat that other boss, you know what to expect. Have Razzly heal, and the others attack. The Hydra has 700 HP, but VERY high defense which means attacks will be cut in thirds. So use a lot of spells. It can also heal, so watch out. After you destroy it, you’ll get the Hydra Humour and leave the swamp.

Back at Guldove, Kid is saved with the Humour. She thanks Serge and rejoins the party. Afterwards you’ll need to head to Water Dragon Isle in home. However if you took a different path, something slightly different is ahead.

Path 2: Korcha will be upset and refuse to lend you his boat. Wander around Guldove and speak to Macha, and she will talk to Korcha who will instead take you to Termina using the boat. Macha joins up also. Go around the Residential tower after getting Doc, and find Mel. Talk to her a couple of times and she agrees to join. Leave Guldove for Termina.

In termina, if you gave the Bell Flower to Glenn previously he will come to join your party. If you didn’t then he won’t but he will tell you to go the island up North to find one of the Arcacia Dragoons. Take Macha and enter Viper Manor and talk to Orcha. After exchanging words sail up north to Hermits Hideaway. Harle will appear and attack saying she burned it to bits.

BOSS: Harle

She isn’t too hard. Just keep your HP up and attack with Techs. Use Machas new weopon on her to quickly make her die. Afterwards spend the night there.

In the morning you will sail into the fog to reach mount Pyre, but you’ll get lost. You’ll end up on a Pirate Ship with Captain Fargo. He’ll give you three tests. Beat them to get captured and thrown in the brig.

BOSS: Polly

He’s pretty hard because of Wind Flap. Use healing elements and attack constantly. After he dies Fargo will attack.

BOSS: Fargo

Harder then he looks. Make sure to use red elements since he is blue Innate and it really helps. Also heal as much as possible. After wards you are in the brig.

A ghost ship comes and takes over the ship and a skeleton crashes through the door. Defeat it and keep walking. Defeat the enemies and talk to the Pirate on the right. He’ll mention that the door is locked and someone in the ship has the key. The person who has the key is random, so fight and talk to everyone. Crawl through the vents to get to the other side of the blocked off rooms. Once you find the key use it on the door and go through.

Inside here find Pip. He’s not hard to miss, and rarely sticks in one place for long. Follow him around and get him to join you. Afterwards defeat the dead beats and continue up the stairs. On deck the ghosts are everywhere. Go save Fargo and face the boss.

BOSS: Dead Hand

A swarm of Dead Beats will merge into one. He will use Diminish and Hell Soul which instantly kills someone. Attack it with White elements and use Heal a lot. He takes a while to defeat. When he’s dead the Fog will lift and you’ll be in Mount Pyre.

If you wanted the Ice Breath, you need to complete the Water Dragon Isle sidequest. It isn’t that hard without though so continue on through past the enemies and when you get to the save, simply heal everyone with Capsules. Go across the walkway and fight Red Dragon.

BOSS: Red Dragon

Don’t let his size fool you, he is really tough. Make sure to be well equipped and have healing spells a plenty. Use all blue innate attacks and you will beat him easier.

Once he’s defeated continue across.

BOSS: Karsh, Zoah and Marcy.

These guys will all use level 5 techs to be prepared for a fight! Use alot of healing spells and kill Zoah first then Karsh and Marcy. It takes a while and once they are defeated you reach the place in your dream, Fort Dragonia.

If you go to Hydra Marsh in home, you’ll see the Humans occupying the area and a baby Hydra in the water. The other Hydra is extinct. Also if you go back and see Kid, it turns out a kid(Magus?) from the mainland brought the Humor to save her life at the last minute anyway. This is located in part 6 though, so below is the walkthrough for Water Dragon Isle.

Path 1 Continued: Once in home, travel to Arni and take the Fishermans boat to Water Dragon Isle. Once there Razzly will see her home in Danger. Speak to Rosetta, and she’ll give Razzly something. All the dwarves will be angry. Follow them through and fight them and go down the ladder. You will meet up with the Dwarf Chieftan, and he will be mad. Suddenly you’ll hear a rumble.

BOSS: Hi Ho Tank

This is without a doubt the toughest fight in the whole game. It only has about 1000 HP, but it’s very tough on defense. Hi Ho Tank will use element attacks that your character is weak against and attack consecutively. Use Serge with his hardest Level 5 techs, and all other characters as well.

Razzly should heal for this fight. Green elements slow it down, but not much. About halfway through the Dwarf side kicks will repair it with their skills healing 100 HP. At this point kill them off and keep hitting the Hi Ho Tank with everything. Keep your HP ABOVE 125 or else you are dead meat.

Once it finally is about to die it will ram your lead character twice consecutively. Make sure you have a revive on hand to bring the character back. Once it is destroyed, the Dwarves Device blow up and they leave the Island forever.

After wards speak with the Water Dragon, which will give you the Ice Breath. Now you can cool down the lava in Mount Pyre, or get a special character from hermits hideaway.

Talk to the other fairies with Razzly, and she will become an outcast. They don’t want her to ever return because she associates herself with Humans. Talk to Rosetta one last time. You should get her level 7 tech skill. If not come back later. Razzly will be sad and decide to join you for the rest of the game. After going outside you camp out for the night, where Kid will have flash backs of her past with Lucca in the orphanage. She’ll tell you how Lynx destroyed everything and killed her friends when she was a child. Then she’ll vow for revenge and you’ll leave to Mount Pyre.