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The Battle With Dark Serge/Lynx

As you return to Fort Dragonia in Home, you have an unwelcome reception. Use the Dragon Tear to open the gate. Dark Serge waits in the elevator, and is ready to turn you to goo.

BOSS: Dark Serge/Lynx

Dark Serge
HP: 3000
Innate: Black
Attack: 90
Defense: 79
Magic: 27
Mag Def: 25
Drop(C): Pendragon Sigil A
Drop(R): Stamina Belt
Steal(C): Trashy Tiara
Steal(R): Rainbow Shel

HP: 820/1000
Innate: Black
Attack: 26/60
Defense: 1/31
Magic: 10/17
Mag Def: 7/29
Drop(C): Pendragon Sigil C/Pendragon Sigil B
Drop(R): Gravitonne/Sky Djinn Ring
Steal(C): Magic Ring/Pendragon Sigil B
Steal(R): Power Glove/Sky Djinn Ring

This guy is tough. Black elements will heal him. Red don’t hurt him. Blue hardly scratch him. White is the best bet here but it will be tough. Lynx can still use his Forever Zero on Dark Serve and hurt him badly however. Dark Serge can do the same. Concentrate mainly on physical attacks in this fight, and use Steenas Techs and healing power. Trap the Volcano and Blackhole elements unless you want quick death. After he is defeated go down the elevator.

Here put the Big Egg you found in Fossil Valley hopefully on the machine along the south. It will hatch into Draggy a new character. If not you can always do it later. Go back up the elevator and to the top floor.

Enter the familiar surroundings until you reach the transporter and go back to the top room. Enter the doors and watch Serge alone in a brilliant FMV where he is reborn again as a baby and becomes his normal self. Afterwards a being speaks about Lavos who is probably fate, and then disappears.

As Serge back to his normal self, you are ready finally to enter the Sea of Eden. Save before going inside and using the Dragon Tears to open up the Fate Distortion. Then Insert Disc 2… (And go to the walkthrough for Disc 2)