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The Different Paths

Here is where things can go different ways. Refuse Kid 3 times and you will get a different path. Accept kids offer and you will get a different path. Path 1 is with kid, and I describe below:

Path 1: Take kids offer, and travel together to Termina. Fight Solt and Peppor in Fossil Valley. Talk to the man at the top to find out about the Arcacia Dragoons. Choose to infiltrate Viper Manor. Now you go to infiltrate the Manor but first you need a guide. There are 3… with 3 different paths.

Path 1A: Take Kid to Guile in the Bar, and he will offer to take you there. Go speak with Korcha at his boat in the graveyard area of Termina, after activating the cutscene in the market place in the right hand of Termina. He will take all 3 to the Viper Manor Bluffs.

Here climb the cliffs, with the Dragoons throwing boulders down on you the whole time. Get the chests, and kill the monsters. Make sure to grab the trap freefall element on the top left hand cliff near the entrance. At the top, fight the guards and then a boss.

BOSS: King Maomon

He’s pretty tough, have Guile use his Level 3 tech skill Wand because the brother Maomons will heal the King. He’ll use Gravity Blow which can devastate someone at this point in the game so kill him off before he uses it. After he’s dead continue up.

You’re now inside Viper Manor which is a little different depending on how you got there. Since you have kid, sneak around the exterior and past the guards to the stable. Win the dragon feeding game to get the stable key. The rest of this walkthrough can be found in part 3 the battle with Lynx.

Path 1B: Take Kid to the funny dressed Frenchmen in the house near the Black Smith. His name is Pierre and he lost his Medal. Go outside and talk to the kid running around who stole it. He will offer it back. Go inside and give it to him. Pierre will join you and you’ll enter the front of Viper Manor. Here the guards will throw you out. Choose to kill them and then prepare for a fight. Solt and Peppor show up and bring their new friend, Ketchop to try and stop you.

BOSS: Solt Peppor and Ketchop

He is very hard depending on your stats currently. He will immediately kill Pierre with a devastating attack, but Peppor will revive him. His attacks are strong, and his weakness is Green and Red elements. Try and slow him down so he can’t use his special tech. After a long fight he will die. Now just kill Solt and Peppor.

After they retreat, run inside Viper manor. Do the same as above, and be sure to get the Hero Shield inside because it dramatically increases Pierre’s defense.

Path 1C: Take kid to the Concert Hall in the left side of town and go up the Magical Dreamers Ship. Inside talk to the man in the corner who is Nikkis Manager. Miki will run in and say Nikkie left to Shadow Forest. Immediately leave Termina and head to Shadow Forest. Get there by going all the way to the right on the map.

At shadow forest, the Dragoons are gone and you can enter freely. Run around avoiding the bulbs unless you want to build levels. Enter the area at the waterfall, and run through to find a large tree. Nikki is being attacked by a bunch of Cassowaries. Start the fight. Use your regular elements and techs and Nikki will help some too. After defeating them, take Nikki to go inside the tree. Zoah will show up.

BOSS: Zoah

This guy is tough and strong. Use really strong elements against Zoah, as his Techs are devastating to the party. Make sure to use Capsule and Tablet frequently and Kids techs or level 3 attacks. Have nikki use his Tech to slow him down. Once Zoah is defeated, he’ll leave behind some items. Run and continue through the tree.

Inside here make your way through the sewer, and push the Boulder over the hole where the insects are coming out. Continue and fight the enemies then run up the ladder to get into Viper Manor through the well. Do the same things as mentioned above here, and be sure to develop Nikkis techs.

Path 2: This is achieved if you don’t accept Kids offer, and refuse her 3 times both at Cape Howl and Termina. You will automatically gain Leena and Poshul from Anothers world. You agree to take them on a trip to Termina, where Leena has some errands to run. Go outside and enter the same house you did in home, and go down the stairs. Here go see the man and show him the Shark Tooth. He’ll say he once wanted to be a Fisherman but it was long ago. As you leave the Doll will come to life and ask to join you. Its name is Mojo, and has some pretty good techs. As you leave Arni make sure you put Mojo in place of Poshul. Have the battle with Solt and Peppor and then enter Termina.

Here you will hear Kid who wants to sneak into Viper Manor and asks to join. Make sure to refuse her again. Once this is done go to the shop and talk to Lisa. Leena and Lisa catch up on old times, and Lisa asks if you are Leenas boyfriend or cousin. Say cousin, and she’ll laugh. After a funny talk go see the man in the bedroom who is Lisas father. Talk to him and he tells you about a mushroom in Shadow Forest. Leave and go to the left hand side of town.

Go to the Magical Dreamers boat, and speak to Miki. She’ll say Nikki left to Shadow forest and something weird is going on. Talk to her a couple of times and she’ll join you. Leave and go to the area to the right hand of Termina after the Korcha cutscene. Go to the fortune teller and talk to her. She gives a fortune to Mojo who says someone dear to him is in this vicinity. Go find the Straw doll in the patch of grass by the Blacksmiths house and talk to it. He’ll remember it as his childhood friend.

Path 2A: Enter Shadow Forest and go the same way as always use the aroma pouch to lure the monsters to the giant man eating plant. Save Nikki and defeat Zoah over near where the Mushroom is. Afterwards go speak with Nikkis manager back in Termina. Go in and enter the festival area if it lets you, then speak with Lisa again. This concludes Leenas quest. Go back and enter the Manor. Inside, you will fall down a trap door and be stuck inside a cage. The guards will go get their leader to put you in prison. Suddenly kid shows up out of nowhere and beats everyone up, letting you guys out of the cage. Proceed up the stairs to the doors to the right.

Path 2B: Take Pierre and follow the same one as you did previously. Path 2C: Take Guile and follow the same one as you did previously.