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Chrono Cross Combos

Chrono Cross has attacks combined of 2 or 3 characters. To make a success of a combo, the 2 characters must have the level of necessary element and at least 1 of stamina. The following is the Double and Triple techs of Chrono Cross.

Triple Combos

Combo Party Members Effect
Mix Delta Serge: Lv. 5 Shining
Rena: Lv. 7 Maiden Prayer
Lazzuly: Lv. 7 Lazzuly flower
Damage All Enemies
Z Slash Serge: Lv. 7 Sky Arrow
Kid: Lv. 5 Red Needle
Soyso: Lv. 4 Dash Cut
Heavy Damage to Single Enemy

Double Combos

Combo Party Members Effect
X Slash Serge: Lv.3 Dash Cut
Glenn: Lv.3 Hard Hit
Damage Single Enemy
Dragon Blow Karsh: Lv.3 Dragon Ride
Zoah: Lv.7 Upper Bomb
Damage Single Enemy
Sword Storm Alf: Lv. 5 Two Sword
Sneff: Lv. 7 Sword Box
Damage Single Enemy
Dark Spark Gyadrun: Lv. 7 Dark Burst
Ishito: Lv. 3 Full Shot
Damage All Enemies
W Steal Kid: Lv. 3 Steal
Mell: Lv. 3 Thieve
Pilfer From Single Enemy
Flamenco Slash: Lv. 7 Shock Noise
Miki: Lv. 7 Aerial
Increase Party’s Attack
Kabu Final Fio: Lv. 7 Batanbatan
Kabu: Lv. Kabu Magic
Damage Single Enemy
Shinryuken Colonel Jyakotu: Lv. 5 Shinkuuha
Radius: Lv. 7 Shinkiha
Damage single Enemy
Dragon Ride Leea: Lv. 7 Three-Stage Kick
Dragon Child: Lv. 7 Big-Mum
Damage Single Enemy