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Chrono Cross Side Quests

Here are some of the side quests in the game that you may or may not encounter if you do not look carefully.

Karsh’s Betrayal

Go to Viper Manor, and in the top right area destroy the droid in the way and enter the chamber. Run across and upstairs, here go around and push the statues in any order so they all fall into place. A chest raises in the middle. Come from the top down on it and open to find a letter from Solt and Peppor.

They believe Karsh murdered Dario and are waiting for him at Isle of the Damned. Travel there and enter Anothers isle of the damned and come to the grave. Solt and Peppor will think Dario was murdered. Karsh has a flashback to when he was fighting with him in training, and his brother Glenn was there with Riddel. Karsh was overcome by Jealousy and the Masamune made him strike out and kill Dario. Solt and Peppor then attack.

Riddle me This

Here have Serge, and any non green innate in your party. Equip the yellow plate, and enter Earth Dragon Isle in another’s world and head to the same place as the Earth Dragon was in home. The strange creature who caused the Quicksand to leave when he flapped his mighty wings to enter here will emerge. He will introduce himself as the Chrisophynx, and challenge Serge to a game of wit and skill. Accept and prepare.

How To Gain the Prism Armor

With the sunglasses equipped, and the Blue Plate if you have it sail to the curved islands south of El Nido. Press X to enter like you did with Forbidden Island. This strange place is called the Bend of Time and allows you to fight any monsters from previous adventures within. It however, serves a much more valiant purpose now keeping secrets that are valuable. You can practice some if you wish, it doesn’t matter.

When you are ready enter the door at the back which is now unlocked and talk to the giant monster. He will tell you to run 3 laps clockwise around the room. Start running the whole room clockwise and at 3 he will stop you. Suddenly, the voices of 3 familiar mysterious Mystical Knights will be heard they will fall from the sky and attack you mocking your disposition.

On The Ship

Head to the SS Zelbess cruiseship, with Sprigg and her Forget Me Not Pot. Head to the Grand Slam. By now you should have monsters powerful enough to beat Janices monsters. Pick Ozzie or Slash or Flea if you have them in your Doppel gang list. Beat her second set of monsters as they are the hardest. Use a high level monster from the bend of time, like Scorpion and Combot. These guys will devastate the Cybot, the main problem as it has high defense and uses beaten earth. Take out both it and the SpearFisher to easily win this fight. Once the second fight is over, the rest is easy. The problem is you may not have had these monsters before hand to beat them.

Now face her last set of monsters, nothing but a Cus cus, Cassowary and a Airframe. Use a high level attack on the Air Frame or just a healing spell to instantly kill it. The others aren’t even a challenge. Once they are defeated, Janice joins you to go find monsters. If you speak to the guys, they state there is no more monsters of your calibur to fight against. Leave the ship. Sail back to the Bend Of Time with Janice in your party, and speak to the Blue Purple monster in front. He will reminisc about some things and greet her after which you’ll get Janice’s level 7 tech What’s Up Doc.

Next take Janice to Marbule and speak to some people to find out some interesting diologue. Speak with the guy in blue to get something important.

The Safe Puzzle

On Disc 2, enter the Chronoopolis and return to the second floor where the lasers are. Enter the room and open the left most locker only, now put the code 16 in the locked safe. The code releases allowing access to the most rare element in the game now, the Recharge element. This element allows you to recharge any previously used up elements during battle so that they can be reused again. And it is consumable, so you can use it until it runs out.