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Destiny of the Chrono

…A mysterious mans voice calls out. It is Miguel, Leenas Father still here not aged a bit after all these years….Something is obviously going on here though, Serge couldn’t have done this….he doesn’t have the heart to do this. No but Lynx does….. Lynx in Serge’s body! Suddenly it all starts to become clear…….Lynx will do this……..and render things obsolete. However more importantly Lavos has already seen to that. He caused Lynx and obviously created him using FATE as his Pawn..just as he did many other things.

The very structure of time itself is now in danger because of Lavos……. Miguel tells of how the Crono Gang stopped him in 1999 but at the same time unknowingly set something in motion which would rip apart the timeline. It split it into dimensions creating…alternate worlds and realities if you will, and Lavos used Crono and his friends to cause this. It succeeded in erasing them completely from Existance….making it impossible for them to be here. However a leak was found in Lavos plan…..something very unexpected. If you’re ever to set things right then now’s the time. Miguel will challenge you so the distortion can be reset.

BOSS: Miguel

HP: 1950
Innate: White
Attack/Magic: 69/20
Defense/MagDef: 55/14

Leenas father is VERY hard. He will attack with HolyDragSword which can IMMEDIATELY kill someone if they are not well prepared. Use lots of healing spells and attack with BLACK Innate magic and powerful attacks. Lynx is really useful against Miguel because of his color. After a long battle Miguel will fall defeated and tell you of how this came to be.

Lavos was sent from the Sky at the time of the Dinosaurs… in reality he is just an alien… a small useless biological lifeform…But with the power of FATE and the Frozen Flame, he grew to MUCH MUCH more…. a super entity capable of devouring time itself. Now resetting all the dimensions, lapsing everything into pieces and creating alternate dimensions as a result…… making the time continuum utter chaos. Although they did succeed in defeating him it also destroyed the time Axis of which he had gained control of using the Frozen Flame.

The Crono Gang was wiped from existance leaving nothing left to stand in its way…… all except Serge. He even was able to merge with Magus’s sister to become the Ultimate biological lifeform. Schala…who was dead in another timeline had handed over the Frozen Flame creating utter chaos. Schala was the Goddess known as FATE……and through the flame spawned a alterior lifeform in Lynx…..who was someone comprised of another Human and Panther flesh. She also though……without totally giving into Lavos was able to call Serge across dimensions using all her power to try and stop him and save the very space time continuum itself.

But now the only way of undoing what Lavos has done, is to not just defeat him but find the ultimate device known as the Chrono Cross. FATE or rather Schala erected a shrine to the Chrono Cross before creating El Nido in the Ocean. The shrine is in Divine Dragon Falls and only one with the Dragon Tears can obtain it. The device is the only thing capable of undoing all the dimensions…merging them back into one continuous timeline and possibly saving Schala in the process. Thus Serge’s destiny lies ahead as the true Chrono if he can face the challenges ahead.

Afterwards the Dead Sea is swallowed up along with everything else and sucked into Oblivion by Schala/FATE who didn’t want the Frozen Flame to fall into anyones hands…being loyal to her master Lavos (or partially loyal). The Sky Dragon however luckily saves you in time and takes you to Marbule where he leaves you. Your next quest is obvious……obtain access to the Sea Of Eden (the version which isn’t destroyed in Anothers world) but first of course you’ll need the 6 sacred Dragon Relics of which you get for defeating the Dragon Gods.