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The New Battle With Lynx

You will enter the place you recognize from your dream, except it is covered with Dragoons instead of Cybots this time around. Head up, and go through the funny passageways killing the Cybots and other enemies on the way. Follow it around to find a path, and go up it. At the top is a switch. An enemy comes and attacks.

BOSS: Taurasoid

This guy is tough. Carry lots of Green elements preferrably equipped torazzly. Use them on Taurasoid constantly and heal. Use serge’s more powerful attacks and Kids techs. He’ll use Body Slam followed by Upper Cut which can really deal damage.

Use Magnegate if you can on all 3 characters to avoid damage. Once you wittle it down alot, hit it with Serges level 5 tech followed by Razzlys. It should be enough to kill it. If not keep using your attacks until it dies.

After hitting the switch backtrack and go down the stairs you opened with the switch. Now go to the left and enter the circular maze. Go around killing the bats, and up the stairs. Go to the machine inside and make it tail head body with your characters. Go back and cross the walkway to the switch, hit it and go back. Make it head body tail so you can get the chest up top which contains a good element. Switch your characters in the transporter, and then use trial and error at the machine to get the walk way to the main switch open. Now go up the stairs and across to the switch, hit it and go down to the lowered platform. Hit the switch and exit.

In the main hall, go back this time to the top left room and follow it in. Use the treasure chests to cross to the other side. Then open and close the right and left one to make the platform move down to a walkway. Go to the other side and switch the chests so the platform moves to you and walk all the way across. Go down the long corridor and a monster attacks.

BOSS: Bunnyip

This guy is more or less a pain. Use red elements and just keep hitting it. It has high HP but weak stats. Once it dies hit the switch.

Back in the main room go to the far right and choose south on the pillar. Here hit the switch and exit this area by sliding. Back in the main room go in the now opened elevator and a monster attacks.

BOSS: SunofaGun

Low HP, it only has 365 but very HIGH defense and attacks. Beware. When it smiles it’s going to use a different attack. Sometimes it will cast Holy Light and Blackhole which literally kill everyone so have a trap element ready and use it if you can. Once it dies hit the switch and go up the elevator.

You are now in the area that was the same as your dream. Avoid the dragoons and go back to that switch you know all too familiar. A monster attacks.

BOSS: Blob

This thing is hard. Attack it for the most part with red and black elements.Then it will open up revealing a black innate Eye with DEVASTATING attack power. Don’t let it summon Unicorn or anything like Blackhole unless you have a trap. Kill it Fast! Once it dies hit the switch and go around the corridor to the teleporter.

You are now on that same old walkway from your dream…..and the doors are there. Enter and go inside. Inside General Viper and Lynx are waiting. GeneralViper attacks so prepare for a hard fight.

BOSS: General Viper

Use PHYSICAL attacks only unless you want him to use Air Force twice which will basically kill one of you off. It won’t take too long, once he falls defeated then watch.

Lynx will stab General Viper mortally wounding him saying his services are no longer needed. He will then attack.

BOSS: Lynx

Unlike his shadow, he’s the real deal. He has about the same HP as before, but more POWERFUL attacks. Be sure to watch out for Anti White and use HolyLight and powerful white magic on him before using Luminaire. This will finish him off but then something really bad happens.

Afterwards, the FMV will start and Serge will stare into the Frozen Flame.Suddenly he and Lynx will switch bodies and Lynx will become Serge and Serge will become Lynx! When you stand up, Serge tells Kid to finish off Lynx which she tries. You, who are now Lynx must fight your friends. This fight is impossible unless you are on New Game +. You’re meant to lose.

Once this happens, Serge will stab Kid with the Dagger, pooling blood everywhere like in the beginning. Then he will send you to the Dimensional Vortex, a place beyond space and time. He’ll disappear with Kid.