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The Six Dragon Gods

Leave marbule and head to El Nido Triangle. Here go down the stairs and find the cave. Get the Star Fragment and leave. Go to the Sky Dragon Isle. Here instead of the Dragon you will find Starky. Engage it in battle.

BOSS: MegaStarky

He is fairly tough, so use black Innate Magic. He has about 3000 HP and a very bad mega attack if he uses it which is 4 times the power of Radiation so watch out. Use Lynxs physical attacks a lot and if you have Sneff some of his Techs. Once Starky falls he’ll join your party.

The Distortion is now set back. But before going you should fight the Water Dragon and Green Dragon which are both in this dimension as well as the Earth Dragon.

Head to Water Dragon Isle again and if Rosetta didn’t already see if she will give Razzly her level 7 tech now. Go inside fighting the Lagoonates on the way, and the large Water Spider. Then challenge the Water Dragon to a fight.

BOSS: Water Dragon

To beat it use high level Red elements like Inferno and Magmaburst and heal after Tsunami. Keep fighting it and gradually it will fall. Trap Deluge or Iceberg if you can. Then take its Blue Dragon Relic as well as the Blue Whale summon. Now head to Earth Dragon Isle and speak to the man. He will talk about large rock things. Go down to see what he means and then talk to him to get him to make you explosives. Leave the area.

Now sail to Hydra Marsh and go to the left and up. Fight the Beeba Beeba again to get the Ancient Fruit now go to the right and call the Wingapede. It will take you to Gaeas Navel. Once at Gaeas Navel speak to the girl and she will join.

Head to the left, avoid the prehisteric cavemen and only fight the insects. Keep going and fight the Pteradactyls on the way which are found high up. Go around to the left 3 times so you circle around. Eventually you will hear a roar and Leah will say something is up ahead. Run in the brush toward the south and a monster attacks.

BOSS: Tyrano

To beat it easily, use a lot of Blue Elements and physical attacks. The Pteradactly isn’t tough either. Watch out for Tyranos Chomp Down because it can really hurt unprepared characters.

Afterwards continue on and face the Green Dragon, which attacks. Have Leah equipped with Yellow elements and a healer also.

BOSS: Green Dragon

It will use Green Field which disables some Yellow elements so be careful. Use High level Yellow Elements and attacks as well as summons like Blue Whale to easily defeat it. Watch out for Chaos Breath and Carnivore which gives a lot of status effects as well hurt the party. If you can catch Carnivore and Sonja if he uses it. After it falls you get the green relic.

Head back and Leah will join, leave to Hydra Marsh and exit. Go to earth Dragon Isle and the guy will be done with the explosives. Get some from his partner down below and continue. As you enter this area set the explosives on the turtle directly right of you so it falls on the sand boil.

Then go to the left and fight the turtle there, defeat it and push its shell on the next sand boil. Then go to ground level and fight the last turtle, and push its shell. Now go to the middle sand boil and jump in, letting it shoot you up. Save and then inspect the sand. The Earth Dragon attacks.

BOSS: Earth Dragon

It isn’t too tough, don’t use Leah though and have some Carnivores on hand if possible. Steal a Yellow Plate from it if you have mel. Keep attacking it, as it will use ThunderStorm and EarthQuake consecutively at times, so make sure to use Heal All when that happens. Its physical attacks are really weak, so just concentrate on wittling it down. Once it is defeated take the Yellow Relic and ThundaStorm summon.

Afterwards, head to the Opassa beach and go to Another world. Go up and through Fossil Valley. Then head to the boat and take it to Hermits Hideaway. Here Evil Serge and Kid will show up and attack, but Polly and Fargo will save the day. Fargo will then join you and you can go back to home, or take the quest to rescue Riddel.

Take Anothers Fargo to Home and on the Cruise Ship Zelbess talk to Homes Fargo. It will set sail after a chat to Marbule to free the island. Nikkis concert will happen and you will have to kill all the Lagoonates to wake the Black Dragon. Afterwards you get his level 7 tech skill Invincable. Go back to Another and talk to the Black Dragon, which attacks.

BOSS: Black Dragon

This guy is tough. Immediately have Fargo steal his Black Plate for later use. Then use Invincable almost immediately and have Lynx use his White Magic and attacks. Have the other character heal. This will be a long fight.

Afterwards you’ll get the Black Relic as well as the Grim Reaper Summon.

BOSS: Fire Dragon

This guy is very tough. He starts out as the same normal size you met before. But then he merges with his Salamander friend and becomes the real deal with flying wings! Be sure to hit him down to about 100 HP left if you want to steal the Red Plate. There is no other way you will get it.

Watch out for Fire Breath and Inferno which he will sometimes cast consecutively. Using Blue Whale will also really damage it, so charge up. Also using Frog Prince if you have that will devastate it. After it is defeated you get his Red Relic as well as the Salamander Summon.

Return to Sky Dragon Isle this time in Another.Talk to the Sky Dragon with all your relics and he will challenge you.

BOSS: Sky Dragon

HP: 3800
Innate: White
Attack: 97
Defense: 61
Magic: 20
Mag Def: 15
Drop(C): *Saints
Drop (R): *Saints
Steal (C): White Plate
Steal (R): White Plate

This is the toughest of all of them. Not only will he cast the most powerful spell there is UltraNova, but he does White Breath along with Holy Healing which can heal almost 999 HP each use! Make sure to use Lynxs level 7 tech Forever Zero and a lot of black spells so you can build up Grim Reaper which will devastate the White Dragon.

When it casts Null State beware of casting elemental magic because it will usually miss. If you can trap UltraNova, trap it at least 4 times to use these for Serge. Also if he summons Unicorn trap that, it’s a VERY good spell. Keep this up for a while and he will finally be defeated and give up his White Relic as well as the Saints Summon.

Now with all 6 Dragon Relics, speak to the Shaman in Anothers to get the Dragon Emblem and enter the Shamans tent in Guldove in Home. Steena will join you as well as give you the Dragon Tear.

NOTE: That the next part is where you battle with Dark Serge, so if you wish to continue skip down. However this right here is the quest to save Riddel, something you need to do to get fargo.

Saving Riddel: Go to Anothers Termina and enter the Bar. Go to the back to talk with Zoah and Karsh who tell you more events that transpired with the Porre military and Lynx. They will also give you the tear of Hate. Now exit and Norris will come in. Follow him to Viper Manor. Find him in the chambers on the far left side and he will tell of the secret entrance below the sewers. Go down and find it. Once inside, run along fighting the monsters and down the waterfall. Go up this staircase here and turn the valve to close the water way.

Now go back into Viper Manor using the well. Back in the sewers cross the now calm water. Go around here fighting monsters as you go and run to the left underneath the bridge. Go to the area in the back hit the switch. Then go down inside the water and climb along. Open the valve so the water gate gets out of the way. Get on the other side of it, and close it again. The Roachester attacks.

BOSS: Roachester

He’s pretty tough because of Bugkamikaze. Make sure to use Cure All a lot and if you can a Summon.

After you defeat it go up the ladder and on the far right hand side knock the bed so Fargo comes out of his sleep. He lets you up inside and frees himself and the other prisoners. Go to Riddels cell next store and talk to the Porre. Hell Orcha attacks.

BOSS: Hell Orcha

The only thing to worry about here is Spice of Life. Just beat him with Blue Elements that’s about it. After he is defeated he will turn back and join you.

While escaping however, the Porre attack. Defeat them and then face another boss.

BOSS: GrobyC

He’s tough because of Hair Cutter. Use a lot of White Elemental magic. Once he falls, he’ll finally join you.

Then a giant Robot is let loose and chases you away. It attacks. BOSS: Gulliot Just use strong black and green elemental attacks. It will wear it out. Then it reactivates and chases you.

BOSS: Gulliot

Do the same as before, but regardless it always reactivates. GrobyC finally steps in and crashes the Chandelier destroying it once and for all.

Escape out the window and GrobyC joins you officially. You now have every character for your party at the SS Zelbess.