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Inside Kids Coma

Now head to Hermits Hideaway and speak to Radius. You will find Kid lying on the bed in a Coma, and the only way to get her back is to enter her dream. Masa and Mune show up along with Doreen who suggest going inside using their power and rescuing her from Lynx in the past. Serge and friends agree and enter her Coma.

Inside is a burning building everything is in flames because of the Lava Boys. Talk to Gato from Chrono Trigger who tells you that he couldn’t do anything and to please save Kid. He then dies. Go to the top clock in this room and press Triangle L1 Triangle R1 X to get Kids Level 7 tech. Then fight the Lava Boy. After the battle a kid will thank you and say to free his friends. He gives you a Rainbow Shell. Head into the door.

Inside defeat the Lava Boy to get the item behind him. Then go up the stairs to the left. Here read the memos on Luccas desk and find the Ice Gun in the back. Break it free and take it next door. Defeat the Lava Boys and head outside. Defeat the Lava Boy here and the kid will thank you and you can get a Stardust Cape. Head back to the main room and go down below.

By this time Masas power will run out and you’ll have two characters left. Go down the hallway and outside. Use the Ice Gun on the flames ahead of you and in back and avoid the Lava Boy. Go inside the burning living room to find Kid and Lynx..the familiar FMV from Kids flashback will play and Lynx will burn the house to the ground. You escape with her and she asks you to never leave. Then you have to return..

When you exit, Kid comes back to her conscious self. She says she just drops out at mysterious circumstances and wakes up without a scratch. You then hear Radius say Luccia has a present for her in Viper Manor. Leave to Viper Manor with Kid in your party.

Go to Luccias office and speak to her with Kid. She will explain she was a friend of Luccas who was Kids sister…..in a way. She was the clone Lucca helped create. She will then give kid a letter from her and she will begin to read it and cry. In it Lucca explains that she has a very important purpose, and to never forget it in this world that the day will come she must liberate her true self from the bondages of hate (she’s speaking of Schala from Lavos) and that she must not give in. Kid can’t believe it and wants to know why she left. After knowing this she rejoins.