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The Battle with Dark Serge/FATE

The voice of Prometheus calls out to destroy the FATE computer……..Prometheus is actually Robo from Chrono Trigger…Then the FATE Incarnation challenges you for all life.

BOSS: FATE Incarnation/Dark Serge/Lynx

This is going to be very very tough. Your father is much more tough then Leenas…..or is he even really that anymore. It will count down from 5 to 0……. using powerful elements along the way as well each time….this makes using summons very hard.

Once it reaches 0, beware! It shoots Dark Energy which zaps the whole party for mega damage. Use Magnegates constantly and hope to Summon Saints…..this will really put a dent in its life. Make sure to heal CONSTANTLY. It will count down from 5 to 0 until it dies, unleashing Dark Energy multiple times.

It has 5000 + HP so it will take a while. After it is destroyed, he’s gone forever and the FATE computer system fails……leaving all the Dragon Gods to roam free once and again and Dinoopolis to emerge from nowhere. Schala/FATE unable to suppress them any longer, the Dragon God merges into one and flies deep with in its castle.

After the long FMV Dinoopolis emerges completely as one gigantic structure in the sky towering above everything else: Terra Tower. All of Sky Dragon Isle is literally gone. Kid tries to touch the Frozen Flame and is knocked into a Coma. Harle says something about “I didn’t want to fight..” and dissapears. Now you are back on the SS Invincable discussing with the others of how you are going to enter that thing…