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The Journey to Terra Tower

Take Starky in your party and go to Termina. Stock up on Red Elements, a lot of them, and head out to the El Nido triangle. Talk to the fisherman who talks about a strange craft and a monster who doesn’t take normal attacks down below. Go underwater with the fishing boat and enter the Triangle.

Below take the right path and fight the Spike Fishes along the way. Continue around the corral until you can go down. Here take a circular path starting at the left and going around to complete it. Fight the water spiders on the way and make short work of the fish swarms. On the other side pick up a Rainbow Shell. Now go back and enter the corridor going towards the center. Clear out the fish in the way and destroy the water spiders.

Once you reach the center you will see Starky’s Space ship still intact and a large monster blocking the path. Walk up to it to start the fight.

BOSS: Royal Jelly

This is weird because any Physical attacks you give to this thing are invalid. It will be 0 0 0 no matter what you do to it. The ONLY way to defeat it and I mean the only way, is to use pure Red Elements. These should be well stocked up, so start casting. Once in a while it will use Whirlpool, but if your characters stats are high it shouldn’t do too much. However this will be a long fight because you have to gradually wittle it down with Red Elements. Once it finally dies, enter Starkys UFO.

Starky talks about the Anti Gravity Device still functioning on his ship, and says that we can attatch it to the boat. You’ll be in Chronoopolis. Save and then get in the ship to reach Terra Tower. A nice FMV plays on the way as you arrive, and the ship soars through the air. However leave the tower and go back to Starkys UFO again.

This time check around the UFO for a hatch only Starky can enter. Let him go down and look for stuff, mostly useless junk he says but then he finds his Level 7 Tech in one of the barrels. Now return.