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The Battle With Lavos

Enter the beach and find what’s this….. Lucca Marle and Crono?!??? Yes it is them……apparently something has been undone if they are here..or perhaps they are still shadows?? Either way talk to all of them and read a long history about Lavos and the cloning of Schala. Lucca will plead that Schala can be saved, and begs Kid to do it. Take the Time Egg and enter the end of darkness of time.

BOSS: Lavos and Schala/FATE (Time Devourer)

They made this battle extremely easy in a lot of ways, by making Lavos so slow so people would actually have a chance of getting the best ending. But, in this mode you may not have what it takes, and if you didn’t get the Chrono Cross (which I haven’t explained yet) chances are you won’t. If you want to get Chrono Cross to defeat him here it is.

Chrono Cross: First of all, you can get this any time but you can’t keep it but once per game. You also need both Dragon Tears EACH game to get it. If you take the Tear of Hate and Love to Divine Dragon Falls and put them on their pedastal, you’ll recieve the Chrono Cross automatically into your elements. If you take it to Spriggs home Dimension and use it here now, you will gain back EVERY previous character on your saves you have acquired, even Harle but you have to do it 5 times.

Lavos will attack with all Innate Elements, sometimes using several Omegas in a row. It is pretty bad when he uses Thunder Storm and Tornado twice in a row so heal when neccesary. However if you have the right items you don’t HAVE to heal making it simple to concentrate on the ending. You won’t even have the chance to have them at this point though, so just gradually take down his HPs. He has 17,000 + and will die very slowly.

Once he starts to wittle down he will attack faster and more consecutively. Lavos will never once attack physically for one reason or another. Keep on having serge use Physical attacks and concentrate on healing with another character.

After a long time, it will disperse being sucked into the outer realm. After which the credits roll and a very stale ending will ensue. Once all the credits have rolled, you’ll get an option to save. Opt to save and begin on a brand new Adventure…..