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Butterfly Catcher

In Macalania Woods, you encounter a creature who explains the butterfly catcher mini-game. To begin the game, move toward the closest butterfly. You have to chase down seven blue butterflies before time runs out. Avoid the red butterflies because they’ll call powerful fiends and remove 1 second from the remaining time. If you catch all seven blue butterflies before times runs out, a new treasure chest appear. The chest will disappear if you leave the area, so don’t forget to open it and claim your prize.

You can take part in the butterfly catcher game in two areas. The first area is the Macalania Woods-Central, near the creature who explains the game. The second area is in Macalania Woods- North.

This mini-game gets more difficult as the story progresses, but the prizes keep getting better, too. At first the time is set to 40 seconds. Once you defeat the Spherimorph, it becomes 30 seconds. Lastly, once you gain control of the airship, the number of red butterflies significantly increases. Return to Macalania Woods in the airship and succeed in both areas to gain the Saturn Sigil, which unlocks the potential of Kimarhi’s Spirit Lance.

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