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The Airship Passwords

If you have your Airship, you can find many passwords and secret area with the input and search commands. By talking to Cid, you will be able to bring up the World Map Menu and thus, be able to look for new areas. Here’s what you can find with the search option

Input those coordinates to find secret areas

Aeon Defeated X Y
Baaj Temple 12 58
Sanubia Sands 13 43
Besaid Falls 30 74
Mi’ihen Ruins 34 56
Battle Site 40 58
Omega Ruins 70 35

Baaj Temple is used to acquire the Aeon Anima, which is pretty powerful. Go to the Sanubia Sands to acquire the Ascalon. Next, go to the Besaid Falls to earn the Dragoon Lance. Once you have picked up the chest there, head to Mi’Hihen Ruins to get the Sonar for Rikku. Head to the Battle Site to acquire Lulu’s Phantom Bangle which absorbs three elements attacks. Finally, head to the Omega Ruins if you want to fight the Omega & Ultima Weapons.

Here are the locations of each Passwords you can enter in the Input Menu of your Airship. To make that option appear, talk to Cid and at the World Map Menu, select Input and type the following passwords :

Password Location
GODHAND Mushroom Rock
MURASAME Besaid Ruins 2
VICTORIOUS Besaid Ruins 1

Here is where to find the Password VICTORIOUS, “For the second decipher first you go to Besaid and find the sign there, and it says “Bikanel and Kilika combine as one”. Go to Bikanel Island and the sign there says “hasodi ITROS”. Then you go to Kilika Woods and the sign there says “tepswrs VCOIU”. Put them together…

hasodi ITROS
tepswrs VCOIU

Read it in a zig zag fashion and it says the password is VICTORIOUS.”

Here is where to find the Password GODHAND, Go in the Calm Lands (north side) by the whole in the earth and the lady next to it. If you press X on the big pointy rock, you should see this : “Right sixteen and right four”, next go to the giant thorn: “with the vale at your back, go forty-nine, then seven to the right in the truest line” Follow it to the northern edge of the area and you will find the password ‘GODHAND’.

Here is where to find the Password MURASAME, “The hints (blue tablet) is in one of the pillar in the flooded ruin in Baaj Temple (The place where Tidus was firstly dropped in Spira by Sin) It mentions, in Al Bhed, about a place with bolts lighten the black night, with Macalania the forth pillar you sight, look not to the left but on the right. The place is surely the Thunder Plains… The forth pillar is the one in North part with the Save Sphere. The password is written in the left side of the pillar, when you are looking to the right.” Go to the Mushroom Rock to find Rikku’s Legendary Weapon, the Godhand. Note that you will need the Celestial Mirror to open the chest. Go to Besaid Ruins 2 to pick up a chest with Rikku’s Victorious Armor that nullifies three type of elemental attacks. Finally, go to Besaid Ruins 1 if you want to pick up a weapon for Auron that got the One MP Cost Ability.