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Return to Midgar

Watch the FMV and when you get inside Midgar, follow Cait Sith. Go north, talk to everyone here, save and talk to Cait Sith to open hatch. Go down the ladder to enter the underground of Midgar. Go down the ladder and then down the slope (not the stairs). Go north, over the wood plank, then right to a chest with a Megalixer in. Then go all the way left past the wood plank to a chest with an Elixer in. Go all the way back to the ladder where you came underground and go down the stairs here. Go down the ladder to the left and north in the background. Go all the way up to get an Aegis Armlet. Go back down the ladder to the walkway and run to the right of the screen.

After the walkway gives way, head left, onto the pipe and go up the ladders. Keep going up, and when you are off the ladder, go under the stairs, down and into the pipe. Open the chests here to get an Elixer and a Starlight Phone. Go down the ladder in the foreground. Go towards the pipe with 42 on it. Go north through the pipe, and when at the other end, go left and up the ladder. Get the Max Ray and head back down the ladder. Go down the chute and press left to jump up. Go up the ladder and up the stairs in the background, near the 12 pipe. Go up the stairs and save. Enter the area in red and go north through the crawl space. Firstly go south. Keep going south until you see a treasure chest on the left. Open it to get a Power Source. Again keep going south until there is a chest between the doorways. There is a Guard Source inside. South again is two chests with a Mind Source and a Magic Source in.

Go south again to get to a dead end with a Save Point and the W-Item Materia nearby, to the right (see it was worth it!). Save if you want and go all the way north to where the crawlway is; (where you entered the sewers with the red area). You’ll probably want to go back to the Save Point next to the crawlway entrance. Go north in the sewers when you’re done, and all three Turks will show up…

Reno, Rude and Elena

Reno is healed by ice, Rude by fire and Elena by lightning so it’s best to stick to non-elemental attacks like Bahamut, Ultima, Tornado or Break. This battle is pretty tough and try not to use Pheonix to revive if you can as it will heal Rude, being the bird of fire and all. Obviously use Barrier or Wall and Haste at the beginning. Limit Breaks work well as always and Cure/All, just be careful if you use Wall or MBarrier as Cure will only restore half of what it normally does. After you dealt out the damage the Turks will run away and you’ll get a measly Elixer for your battle.

Go north and when you see Cid, take the left path. Go up the ladder to the left and go north to arrive back at the Shinra HQ. Cait Sith will come out the entrance. You can now get the items in the chests in the Accessories room; and if you go up to the 64th floor and examine the lockers at the back you can get Cait Sith’s Ultimate Weapon, the HP Shout. Go back to the sewers. Go south until you get to another secret passage. Take the left path to get outside. Go north and Cloud will climb to the street. Go north and a huge machine will turn up, being controlled by Heidegger and Scarlet…

Proud Clod

This boss consists of two part (head and chest). The boss doesn’t do too much damage, but be careful when it kneels and fires from its back. It can also disable your Materia. Use only powerful Summons or spells after Barrier and Haste. Try to keep your HP up too. You’ll get the Ragnarok sword after defeating Proud Clod.

Go north after the battle. Open the two chests to get an Elixer and a Mystile. Use the Save Point and go up the stairs. Talk to Vincent on the first landing and go to the second landing. If you have Barrett on your team, there will be a chest here with Barret’s Ultimate Weapon the Missing Score in. If Barrett isn’t in your team the chest won’t be there. Either way, go up the stairs and to the right. You’ll talk to Hojo. He’ll then attack you…


Hojo fights in three forms. He uses Capsule to make some sample monsters appear. Every time you kill them he’ll just make more reappear so concentrate on Hojo himself. Use Barrier and Haste if you like although this battle isn’t that hard if you keep your HP up. After killing the first form of Hojo, he’ll appear as Helletic Hojo which has three parts. Ignore the arms and focus on attacks on the main body. He can confuse or Silence you, and the right causes quite some damage. The final form of Hojo can cause Silence and Slow and can use and attack called Combo which can Poison whoever it hits. On all forms just use Summons, spells and physical attacks if you have high attack points. You’ll get a Power Source for killing all three forms.