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North Corel Huge Materia

Go to the north of the town and go along the long train track bridge. Go north east and then along the bridge in the west direction. These train tracks should look familiar, so make your way west to where the Save Point is. Keep going west, then north west across the bridge until you reach North Corel reactor. Go north and you’ll be attacked by some Shinra guards, they are easily killed. Afterwards, a train will leave the reactor. Cid will go and get another train to chase the Shinra one.

In the next bit, you will firstly need to continually press Up and Triangle to catch up with the other train. This may take some practice to get a fast motion going. You should arrive at the other train and will jump on it. On each carriage you will need to fight a battle, there are 5 in all. Don’t use Summon’s as they take too long, concentrate on magic and physical attacks. Once you get to the engine after the battles, press the buttons in the following order, after your friends have stopped talking: Up and Triangle, Down and X, Down and X. The train will speed up before stopping before actually hitting the town.

If you saved North Corel, you’ll get the Huge Materia and then go to where the shops are, and you’ll get the Ultima materia from a kid. You’ll then sleep in the inn. If you didn’t save the town, you can pay 50,000 Gil to the kid for the materia. If you go into the house below the inn and talk to the woman here, you’ll get Barret’s Level 4 Limit Break Manual from her. Now leave North Corel, get in the Highwind and fly to Fort Condor.