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Gaea’s Cliff

Leave the shack and head north. Climb upwards and go to the ledge. You’ll notice the gauge in the corner. This is your temperature. You need to keep this above 27. If you don’t you’ll pass out and end up back in the shack. You keep it up by hammering the Square button, but you can only do this on a ledge. The maximum temperature is 38. Also, your heat doesn’t go down in battle or while in a cavern.

When on the ledge, go toward the flag and climb up. Keep going up, climbing where the flags are and keeping you heat up at every ledge. Eventually you’ll come to a cavern opening. Go inside and head north under the arches. Go through the door and head up the stairs to the left. Go through the door to the south. Head south and then right. When you get to the wall, keep going right. You’ll enter a chamber with a chest in. Take the Ribbon in the chest and go left to return to the main path. Go north and then west over the bridge. Take the Javelin in the chest to the north and go through the door. Go over the bridge and press Select. Go north through the passage and when you come out, examine the blue boulder and pick the top option. This will make the boulder unblock the passage below. Retrace your steps back to where the Ribbon was, then head left and north, through the door. Keep going north through the passage until you reach an exit. Follow the pathways that come next and eventually you’ll be back outside.

Raise your temperature and climb up. When the option appears choose to go up to the next ledge. Keep climbing up and choose the top option to go right. At the next ledge go up and then at the next one, go left, where the flag is. Keep going up and you’ll come to another cave opening. Go inside.

There is a Save Point in here to the north. Use it and head to the lower right to the Elixer in the chest. Now go north to the exit to the right. You’ll be outside. Go north along the path, east then south. In the next cavern, there is a Fire Armlet in the chest, take it and head left. You will have an icicle, and some bats, just use Fire attacks, but the bats can Silence you so watch out. Once you hurt the icicle enough it will begin to crack and you will have won. You need to do this to all four icicles hanging to the left. They will fall to the lower level and fill the holes. After ‘killing’ one you can choose to jump down. Don’t jump down (choose the top option) until you have made all the icicles fall, as then you can get the Last Elixer (which is really just a Megalixer, but when you get it, it’s called a Last Elixer) in the chest to the far left. Then go near the door and you will get the choice to jump down. Do so by picking the bottom option. The holes will be filled and you can now get up to the chest in the upper left corner which contains a Speed Source. Jump over the stones to the north to get to the exit, you’ll then go outside.

Pick up the Enhance Sword in the chest and head north, around the bend and then south. You’ll come out on the cliff again, so climb right, and choose to go up when the option appears. Keep climbing up and you’ll come to another cave entrance. The pool of light restores HP and MP, and use the Save Point. You should fight in this area to get some Dragon Armlet from the Blue Dragon’s around here so you have one on every character. If you haven’t got Barrier up to MBarrier try to do so here. When you think you are done, go to the right and down the long passageway. A black creature, like the ones from Nibelhiem will appear, and then a two-headed boss will attack…


This boss has two heads, and can be a real pain if you don’t know how to fight it. One head is healed by ice (scaly one on the right) and the other by fire (the horned one on the left). Use MBarrier and Haste on yourself and Slow Twinhead at the beginning and use Summon’s like Alexander, Bahamut, maybe Odin. Don’t use Kjata or Bio. You might want to stick to one head and attack with the opposite element, so fire and Ifrit on the right head and ice and Shiva on the left. When you kill one of the heads, it will cast a spell which can be very nasty if you have low HP. It will do this twice when each head dies, so it is probably a good idea to stick to one head. You’ll get a Dragon Fang when you kill them.

After the battle, I suggest you go back to the Save Point and pool of light. When you are healed go back to the passage and go south, towards the screen. You’ll be outside, climb up the cliff to the right and when you get to the top, a FMV will play. After it has finished, go north over the ridge. Your party will talk then go left down the crater.