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Icicle Inn

There is a weapon shop to the left, and an inn on the top right. On the top floor of the inn, by the window is a X-Potion. Go into the room next to the snowman and go into the room to the north. There are a Hero Drink and a Vaccine here. Also take the map that’s on the wall of this room. You can go into the building next to the weapon shop to see some videos about Aeris’s parents, the Ancients, Jenova and WEAPON. Also after watching them go down the stairs and take the Turbo Ether. Finally go and talk to the man in the far north of town. Pick the top option and Elena and some guards will turn up. She will talk to Cloud, and when the transparent box appears, press left and she will miss and go rolling past. If she does hit you, you will be knocked out and end up on the bed in the room with the videos.

Go into the house in the middle of the town and talk to the little boy, twice. He’ll give you his snowboard. Take it and go to the north of the town again. Go right and you’ll start a snowboard mini- game. Press square to brake, X to jump, Start to pause, Left/Right to move, and L1/R1 to quick turn to left/right. Collecting balloons won’t go anything, so keep to the left and take the left path twice. If you took the left path twice, you’ll end up in a forest area.