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Hades Cup

This is where it gets tough… you have to fight 49 battles. But fortunately you don’t have to start from the very beginning if you lose. Having the MP Haste and MP Rage abilities here should help a lot. Make sure to have a good stock of Potions/Hi-Potions and Ethers in your item inventory before you begin.

Battle Team Name Enemies
49th Seed Shadow Brothers Search Ghost(x2); Bandit(x1); Air Soldier(x3)
48th Seed Wild Dance Wight Knight(x3); Power Wild(x4)
47th Seed Terrible Feet Hammerlegs(x1); Pirate(x4); Shadow(x2)
46th Seed Dirty Claws Power Wild(x1); Pot Spider(x8)
45th Seed Mad Truffle Rare Truffle(x1)
44th Seed Yuffie Yuffie
43rd Seed Outlaws Bandit(x3); Pirate(x4)
42nd Seed Dark Garrison Defender(x1); Wight Knight(x3); Soldier(x2)
41st Seed Bad Union Bandit(x1); Power Wild(x2);
Large Body(x1); Fat Bandit(x1); Soldier(x1)
40th Seed Behemoth Behemoth
39th Seed Red Legion Search Ghost(x1); Red Nocturne(x8)
38th Seed Blue Legion Blue Rhapsody(x7); Gargoyle(x2)
37th Seed Sorcerous Armor Guard Armor(x1); Blue Rhapsody(x2); Red Nocturne(x2)
36th Seed Mad Fungus Black Fungus(x1); Green Requeim(x4
35th Seed Spiders & Magic Red Nocturne(x3); Yellow Opera(x3); Pot Spider(x2)
34th Seed Optical Trick Stealth Sneak(x1); Blue Rhapsody(x2);
Green Requeim(x4)
33rd Seed Magic Force Wizard(x1); Red Nocturne(x2);
Yellow Opera(x3); Blue Rhapsody(x2)
32nd Seed Shadow Summoners Wizard(x3); Shadow(x6)
31st Seed Mystic Mages Angel Star(x1); Wizard(x4)
30th Seed Cerberus Cerberus
29th Seed Sky Raiders Air Soldier(x4); Air Pirate(x3)
28th Seed Spookies Search Ghost(x6)
27th Seed Terrible Fists Gauntlet(x1); Gargoyle(x5)
26th Seed Shadow Storm Shadow(x?)
25th Seed Avengers Bandit(x1); Wight Knight(x1);
Pirate (x1); Soldier(x1); Power Wild(x1)
24th Seed Dark Knights Opposite Armor(x1); Darkball(x6)
23rd Seed Black Flap Gargoyle(x2); Air Soldier(x3); Air Pirate(x2)
22nd Seed Night Soarers Wyvern(x3); Search Ghost(x2); Wight Knight(x2)
21st Seed Air Coarsairs Battleship(x1); Wyvern(x2); Darkball (x4)
20th Seed Cloud; Leon Cloud; Leon
19th Seed The Large Trio Large Body(x3); Wight Knight(x2)
18th Seed Blaze Bandits Fat Bandit(x3); Red Nocturne(x4)
17th Seed False Angels Angel Star(x2); Wyvern(x2); Large Body(x2)
16th Seed Dark Storm Dark Ball(x?)
15th Seed Air Brigade Wyvern(x1); Air Pirate(x1);
Air Soldier(x1); Gargoyle(x1); Search Ghost(x1)
14th Seed Violent Bunch Fat Bandit(x2); Invisible(x1); Wizard (x2)
13rd Seed Heavy Warriors Fat Bandit(x2); Defender(x1); Large Body(x2)
12nd Seed Interceptors Defender(x3)
11st Seed Elder Force Invisible(x3); Angel Star(x2)
10th Seed Hades Hades
9th Seed Night Rave Shadow(x5); Darkball(x3); Invisible (x1)
8th Seed The Requeim Red Nocturne(x2); Blue Rhapsody(x2);
Yellow Opera(x2); Wizard(x2); Angel Star(x1)
7th Seed Invisible Fear Stealth Sneak(x1); Invisible(x3)
6th Seed Mad Mushroom White Mushroom(x3)
5th Seed Black Storm Shadow(x?); Darkball(x?)
4th Seed Twin Mirage Stealth Sneak(x2)
3rd Seed Shadow Troopers Wyvern(x?); Wizard(x?); Defender(x?)
2nd Seed Final Battalion Darkball(x?); Angel Star(x?); Invisible(x?)
1st Seed Rock Titan Rock Titan



She shouldn’t be so hard. The only thing you have to watch out for is the large shuriken that she throws at you, since you can deflect the smaller ones if you get the timing right. Now with that in mind just cast Aero on yourself and attack. You’ll receive the Genji Sheild if you win.


Cast Aero on yourself first then make your way on top of him by climbing on his back and attack from there. When his horn begins to gather energy, he’s about to unleash a lightning attack so watch out for that. Simply heal once you take serious damage and you shouldn’t have that much of a problem beating him. You’ll also get the Blizzaga upgrade if you win.


Geez! It’s him again. Having an armor that reduces fire damage really helps here. Try to get on top of him as much as possible and attack from there. Otherwise, just get to the side and attack the head that’s closest to the ground. Thankfully you have Aero or even Aerora now so his bite shouldn’t be as deadly as before, but still watch out. Avoid his fire balls and jump or Dodge Roll from the black stuff. Just heal whenever you take serious damage and you’ll be fine. You’ll receive the Thundaga upgrade if you win.

Cloud & Leon

Argh! Who the heck decided to put these two together in one battle? Anyway, Cloud has the lesser HP of the 2 (one and a half bars), while Leon has 3 bars. Make sure you focus on only one target at a time. Now cast Aero on yourself and get rid of Cloud first — attack him head on as much as possible, Glide or Dodge Roll from his dash attack. Run around and Dodge Roll a lot when he starts flying around. Always keep an eye on Leon though. As for Leon, the same rule still applies — avoid his trigger attacks, his glowing gunblade, and his fire spells. Dogde Roll towards him and attack when you get close enough. You’ll receive the Lionheart key chain if you win.


Another hard battle. It is highly recommended that you have the MP Rage and MP Haste abilities here as you will definitely need your MP. Now cast Aero on yourself then attack. Avoid his flames at all cost, it can take off almost half your current HP even with Aero. He’s most vulnerable once he reverts to his original color, (purple) so if you’re gonna hurt him that’s the best time to do so. Also don’t hesitate to use any of your special abilities on him, such as Ars Arcanum or Strike Raid. You’ll receive the Graviga upgrade along with the Ansem Report 8 once you beat him.

Rock Titan

He’s surprisingly easy. Just lock on to either foot and attack. Don’t be careless enough to let him step on you though. You should be able to beat him without problems.