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Pegasus Cup

There are also 9 battles to win here. You’ll get the Strike Raid ability for Sora as well.

Battle Team Name Enemies
9th Seed Ghost Bandits Search Ghost(x2); Bandit(x1); Air Soldier(x3)
8th Seed Marauders Bandit(x2); Barrel Spider(x3); Shadow(x4)
7th Seed Sluggers Fat Bandit(x1); Large Body(x2); Pot Spider(x1); Barrel Spider(x1)
6th Seed Pots & Bolts Pot Spider(x5); Yellow Opera(x3); Green Requeim(x2)
5th Seed Big Combo Fat Bandit(x2); Search Ghost(x4)
4th Seed Toadstool Black Fungus(x3)
3rd Seed Pots & Barrels Pot Spider(x5); Barrel Spider(x5)
2nd Seed Giant Impact Fat Bandit(x3); Large Body(x2)
1st Seed Leon; Yuffie Leon; Yuffie


Leon & Yuffie

This can be tough. Make sure that your partners are fully stocked with Potions and Ethers here. Get rid of Yuffie first since she can heal both of them. You can also freeze her with Stop, but only for a few seconds. The same rule applies for Leon — avoid his trigger attacks. Fire magic works well on him, so use it whenever possible. Now when his gunblade starts glowing, be very careful, you definitely wouldn’t want it to hit you. This is a long battle so be patient.