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Phil Cup

The first and the easiest of 4 cups. You’ll have to fight 9 battles in order to finish this. Get the Gravity spell here too.

Battle Team Name Enemies
9th Seed Jungle Vice
Power Wild(x4); Soldier(x3)
8th Seed Monkey & Magic
Power Wild(x1); Green Requeim(x2);
Red Nocturne(x2); Yellow Opera(x5)
7th Seed Big Feet
Hammerlegs(x1); Power Wild(x4)
6th Seed Magic Alert
Red Nocturne(x5); Yellow Opera(x5)
5th Seed Nightwalkers Power Wild(x5); Large Body(x1)
4th Seed Hard Hitters Gauntlet(x1); Blue Rhapsody(x3); Shadow(x4)
3rd Seed Indomitable Large Body(x2); Green Requeim(x6)
2nd Seed Wild Corps Gauntlet(x1); Hammerlegs(x1); Power Wild(x4)
1st Seed Shadow Battalion Armored Torso(x1); Yellow Opera(x4); Blue Rhapsody(x4)