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Hercules Cup

Just like the two previous tournaments, this also has 9 battles. You’ll receive the Yellow Trinity (Trinity Push) and the Olympia key chain for Sora. (if you win)

Battle Team Name Enemies
9th Seed Dusk Vanguard Search Ghost(x2); Bandit(x1); Air Soldier(x3)
8th Seed Minions of Horror Bandit(x2); Barrel Spider(x3); Shadow(x4)
7th Seed Buccaneers Fat Bandit(x1); Large Body(x2); Pot Spider(x1); Barrel Spider(x1)
6th Seed Stray Phantom Pot Spider(x5); Yellow Opera(x3); Green Requeim(x2)
5th Seed Mad Truffle Fat Bandit(x2); Search Ghost(x4)
4th Seed Cloud Black Fungus(x3)
3rd Seed Dark Squadron Pot Spider(x5); Barrel Spider(x5)
2nd Seed Flying Pirates Fat Bandit(x3); Large Body(x2)
1st Seed Hercules Leon; Yuffie



This is a hard fight. Make sure your partners are properly stocked and that Sora has Cure in his magic shortcut menu. Now cast Aero on yourself as soon as the battle begins. Avoid his dash attacks with Glide or Dodge Roll. I found him most vulnerable from above the head and in front, so you have the biggest chance of being able to chain your combos if you attack from there. He’ll start flying around at some point, so just stay away from him until he lands, then you may attack again. It’s always a good idea to heal yourself rather than wait for your partners to do the job. You’ll receive the Metal Chocobo key chain if you win.


You’re alone here, but that’s ok since he’s not that hard. Simply throw barrels at him when he’s glowing. This will make him dizzy for a while (it’s best to do this when he’s taunting) giving you a chance to attack him. He’ll remain vulnerable for some time after he gets back to normal, so you can still hurt him then. He hits pretty hard though so make sure that you have Aero on. You’ll receive the Herc’s Shield if you win.