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Battle System

The revolutionary new Junction System featured in FINAL FANTASY VIII provides an unprecedented level of control in character customizability. Based upon the powerful Guardian Forces from which the characters derive most of their power, the Junction System allows the player to modify character abilities, commands and even their attributes. Unlike previous games in the series, the magic in FINAL FANTASY VIII is not earned or purchased, but drawn from enemies in battle.

Players can opt to cast the magic drawn from enemies right away, or store it as spells for later use. The usefulness of stored magic goes beyond merely casting it however; the Junction System lets the player attach the power of magic spells to attributes, enhancing character stats or special defenses that provide resistance to certain attacks.

Guardian Forces

The Guardian Forces that the characters must equip to use battle commands and earn special abilities, are themselves powerful attacks. Similar to the summoned monsters from previous games in the series, Guardian Forces “guard” characters with their own lives during the summoning process. When the summoning is complete, the powerful attack is truly a sight to behold.