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FFVIII Sidequests

In Squaresoft’s latest addition to the Final Fantasy series, one finds the usual round of secrets. Unlike previous Final Fantasies, a character’s strength is contingent upon careful use of Guardian Forces (GFs). Using the proper GFs allows a character to junction magic to attributes (i.e., HP, Strength, Vitality, etc.) and equip certain abilities (such as Mug, Str+40%, etc.). In addition, the overall strength of your weapons depends upon upgrades obtained at Junk Shops.

Of the GFs, there are many (eleven) that are either mandatory or semi-secret (such as Diablos, who lives within Cid’s Magical Lamp [Disc 1]). However, there are 5 secret GFs and three bonus GFs that are relatively difficult to obtain. This FAQ explains how to obtain these, as well as the eleven normal GFs.

In addition, this FAQ covers how to upgrade the party’s weapons to their ultimate forms, as described in the Weapons Monthly First Edition/August. Any secret GF abilities needed to obtain the items are described below.

The final section deals with miscellaneous secrets, including the UFO mission and the Triple Triad Card game, the Omega Weapon, secret Islands, and trickes.