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Limit Breaks

Limit breaks are no stranger to the FF series, for they have been used time and time again, made for us RPG gamer’s to get a great boost in battle. They are powerful attacks to the enemy or helpful aids to your party. Either way, they help you quite in bit when battling your enemies.

In Final Fantasy 8, the only times when you get to execute these powerful attacks are when your character’s health has dropped to a critical level, (or with the use of spells, but let’s not get into that) which is indicated by the HP gauge turning yellow. Once you have a limit break to select (an arrow will appear to the right of your ATTACK command, hit the RIGHT directional button to select the Limit command) select it you will now execute the type of Limit break your character utilizes. Every character in FF8 has a different way of using there limit break, so there isn’t one fixed way to execute the it. To learn how to use a character’s limit break, visit the Characters section, for it has detailed information on how to use each of there limit breaks, plus more.

Negative Status Boost

Each character has an internal perimeter known as the crisis level, which works like a gauge bar in Final Fantasy VII. It affects the chances of using a limit break. As crisis level increases, chances of using limit break increases. Below shows the various ways of increasing your crisis level:

Negative Status Bonus
Slow + 6% Silence + 12%
Petrify + 12% Death Sentence + 18%
Blind + 12% 1 Party Member down + 8%
Poison + 12% 2 Party Member down + 16%